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WELCOME!! Wishing all viewers a most wonderful Year in 2017. Here the family is all together in church for the celebration of 50 years of marriage and a reaffirmation of our marriage vows. Click on the Links below to select items for viewing.  

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2017, 50th Wedding Anniversary - Click to see the latest

2016, Church and Volunteering highlight this year

2015, No big travel this year, but lots of fun

2014, Mexico Wedding, Grandchildren getting older (but not us)

2013, Major Yard work, Cataracts and new Car

2012, Maui with Grandchildren, Treatments

2011, Babies Growing, John's CIDP et al

2010, Grandparents at Last

2009, Parties, Weddings, Missing our Mother

2008, Does retirement get any better than this?

 2007, Back East, 40th Anniversary, New Cat

2006, Dual Retirements - (Again), Work on Home in SF

2005, Trip to Michigan, Habitat Homes 

2004, Mexico Wedding, More New Homes Both Coasts

2003, Engagement, New Home, More Sidewalks

2002, Missing our Father, Tankhouse, Pavers

2001, New Barn, TV Center, New Job for Jo

2000, Avis Graduation, Move to NY

1999, Exxon Retirement for John  

1998, 30 Years at Exxon, New Job for Jo    

Special Pages

Places we have lived 1944 - Now

A Vessing Road History

2002 - 2007,  A New 'Front' for Our Home

2005 - 2007  Work on 48th Avenue

2011 Habitat Bay Point

2010 Habitat Oakland Kinsell Commons

2009 Habitat Oakland Edes B

2008 Habitat Oakland Edes Phase 3A

2007 Habitat Oakland

2004-2005  Habitat Montague

2003 - 2005  Habitat Norcross

Habitat for Humanity Tools and Tips

  Last Update 3/14