2001!! - The Lee's Last Year in Review

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Here we all are again Thank God that we safe and sound for still another year of the Lee Internet Newsletter. 

We give thanks for all the blessings we have had this year - where the joys outweigh the sorrows.


We set up a coordinated visit to Florida with Catharine flying in from New York and us from California.  (She needs the warmth.)  Here we have a parishioner at St. Monica's snap a picture of the family with Father Lee's friend, Gary Ames.  It was a great visit.

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John continues to do some consulting work for AcuTech Consulting.  While in Louisiana, he visits the Mecca for civil engineers - where the Corp of Engineers have tamed the course of the Mississippi.  Enjoying the water aspect, in the Fall he helps the Pittsburg Water Treatment Plant with a safety study.

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The Pond was due a cleaning again.  The bottom looks like something from the Valdez oil spill - and the cleanup techniques are the same.  The only good thing about cleaning the pond (other than when it's done) is the photo opportunity.


Easter at "Aunt Jo's" house is always an exciting event.  The Daly children from Woodside joined us again for an Easter egg hunt and a rousing game of badminton (using some interesting rules).  Her are Elizabeth, Pat, Jules and Laura in the back 40 of the Vessing homestead.

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John spends most of the late Winter in the barn building the 'dream' entertainment center from scratch.  The project was on the drawing boards for some time, an Jo was getting pretty anxious that the prototype made from cardboard would stay around.  Click in this link for the full story.


We spent a lot of the summer doing battle with a grocery store who was polluting our wonderful creek by washing out their produce and fish bins to the storm drain.  The found that to be pretty expensive after the clean up and fines were paid. But think of the sidewalk superintending opportunity! 

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A hot 4th of July Celebration finds us helping out again after the Pleasant Hill parade by running the small children's games.  Jo-Ann has some shade and a neat head dress.  John is off announcing the ice cream eating contest.  Small town America at its best.


After dodging the rain drips and squirrel droppings for many years, John decides to rebuild the barn.  Here he works on a new cupola for venting the building as well as support for a new weather vane.  Click on the link for more exciting photos of this project (better than cleaning the pond).


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A celebration of our 34th Anniversary in Hawaii.  This was a big day out and about and we mooched a picture with someone who just landed the "big one".  Click on the link for some pretty boring pictures of us doing nothing on Maui - what vacation is for.

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John organizes the (now) annual Vessing Road block party. 130 people of all sizes and ages attend.  We all took comfort in the peace we have in our neighborhood.  This year we had some of the Vessing Family attend.  Can you find Waldo, I mean Jo-Ann?


The picture at the top was taken at the Celebration of Jack Daly's life.  (Jo's Father)  Although we are sad and miss him, we had the joy of being together as a family at this milestone in our lives.   The family did have a change to enjoy each other while we were there - here is Jo with Mom and siblings.

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Perhaps you noticed the crutches at this family picture at the Daly's for Thanksgiving. Jo broke her foot just walking around.  John's brother, Thomas is with us for a week and Peter's friend Zia joined us as well. We assume you can tell who is who in the picture.


Wishing all who log on this site a most blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

The Lees

Be sure to write.

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