Hawaii Vacation

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So here we are again in Maui after a 3 year absence.  It's our 34th Wedding Anniversary and we like to remember back to our first trip - a belated 25th anniversary honeymoon.

This is us happily relaxing in our condo after arriving on August 30th

This is Jo on just about any day - on the beach, reading and relaxing.  In the morning, when it was calm, you could always interest Jo in a snorkeling expedition. Prince.jpg (34115 bytes)

Rocks.jpg (55773 bytes) This was the beach near our condo.  Jo loves exploring the tide pools.  But this day the beach was a bit too crowded for us!


John, on the other hand, is very happy to sit by the pool in the shade.

Pool.jpg (42459 bytes)

Waves.jpg (44230 bytes) We Jo is prone to command the ocean with her non-verbal. 

Here she requests a big wave at the blowhole - and as usual is accommodated.

Back to the beach one again.  This part of Maui has many good, almost private beaches.

Wilea.jpg (35085 bytes)

Fish.jpg (29063 bytes) We did go fishing one day, and if you believe that fish story, there a bridge in Arizona ....


We do go for a sail on an 12 meter racing yacht and mooched this picture while waiting to leave.


The condo had a great deck on the roof with grills which were great.  Jo is testing here, not a burned finger. Grilling.jpg (35169 bytes)

Airplane.jpg (41054 bytes) We did get delayed getting home due to the September 11th tradgedy.

Jo is glad to be on the way home - especially with 3 across - just set for sleeping.

And so we say farewell to beautiful Maui for another time. Sunset.jpg (58407 bytes)

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