Habitat for Humanity in Review

Kinsell Commons, Oakland Project

Phase 1  2010

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For the past several years John has been 'commuting' to volunteer in Oakland. This a picture highlight WEB of the work done on the second HfH project in Oakland.


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Build Walls

Early in the project we actually have a dry day to build the two story party walls. Here a crew of 'deadweight experts' hold down the bottom while we square up the top (between photo shots of the outstanding effort).

Mary our AmeriCorps leader

Mary McCall always sets a good example for hard work and straight lines.

Oh No! Is someone trapped?

Seth does not know what to do when he runs across a wayward volunteer.

Click on the picture to see what gives.  Could it be Vita Wells who has climbed underneath in the wet to fasten some bolts?  What a trooper!

Lift Day

Our leader Ben is out sick, so assistant superintendent Maggie McGann takes over.  Here we set some braces to hold the wall in position after a crane lifts it up (too much for even a multitude of volunteers).

But Mary helps singlehandedly

Could she be pushing it into position all by herself? 

Smiles all around

Joy hold one of the braces and always exudes her name.  She not only is a great crew leader, she is a University of Michigan alumna and hails from Ann Arbor.  John and Jo were married there 44 years ago.  Go Blue!!

Maggie Too

Maggie holds a ladder in place while we set one of the braces.  We learn how to do this properly from Rod, our retired firefighter volunteer and new Thursday regular.

We do get a break at noon

Further along in the construction Mary and Seth take a few moments at lunchtime to review some AmeriCorps pictures.  Fond memories while new ones brew.

Juan enjoys lunch too

Juan Zavala, our site carpenter takes a moment in the shade to share the noon meal - always one of the highlights of any day on the site. 

Easter Time

A tradition now is Jo-Ann making cup cake Easter baskets, complete with coconut grass and jelly bean size Easter eggs.  The AmeriCorps love the deep, double chocolate insides with cream cheese / chocolate chip surprise filling.  A zillion calories per unit.


Usually one not to be in the background, Aron Michalski is back from New Orleans to help lead a home build during the Build-a-thon where volunteers help raise funds as well as walls. A good friend and it's always good to see him.  See Oakley HfH.

Wet Build-a-thon

John gets a plum assignment working with Maggie and Alyssa, both experts at framing.  But it sure did rain one morning.  It did not dampen their spirits!


This is the way to unload windows!  Truck drivers love coming to a Habitat site as they always get a bonus departure vs. what the boss though it should take to unload.

Happy Trails to You

We host the 4th annual "We love you and it's Corona Day" party on the last official day of the year for our  AmeriCorps volunteers.  A few stay on in person while the others remain a big part of our lives in memories of youthful dedication to make the world better.


Regular volunteers meet with the new AmeriCorps during their fist week to show how to use tools and

Welcome Continued

how to eat well. 

Siding is on

Tall Mike Heller and Very Tall Mike Bartlett share a photo smile with new AmeriCorps members.  Can your guess who is who?

Visiting Relatives

Patrick Daly, John's nephew, has a summer assignment doing a community service activity.  So he comes over from the Peninsula to help out for 3 days.  He has to do a report after interviewing John.  Piece of cake!

Another Project Calls

As much as John has enjoyed building in Oakland for 4 years, when we start a new project in Baypoint, it is a much easier drive and the site supervisor is a great friend and an inspiration. Here Jo-Ann and Mike and Terry look over the new plans.


Some old scrap lumber from the trim boards was salvaged, cleaned, sanded, shaped and stained into another outward sign of the love of the volunteers for new homeowners.  This photo was taken to pass on to others who can use their shops for good.

Maggie's back

Maggie is back from her new life in Portland to present the honorary key to a new homeowner.  She loves to talk with her hands!  But she speaks from the heart when she expresses the inspiration this family has been to her at this point in her life.

John is privileged

Chiu Yuet Chan and his Mother and Daughter get a book of faith from John.  A Chinese Bible.  This is a visible reminder of God's love for us all.  John believes that his volunteering is an outward reflection of that love to the entire community.  Some come and volunteer!

The Beginning!

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