2015!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!! The year is reverse chronology.

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Christmas picture TBD

DECEMBER - In progress


NOVEMBER - Thanksgiving

Once again it is time for "Turkey in the Trunk" as we trek over to Woodside to join the family to celebrate this year's blessings.   Most of the Daly's are home and the other Lee's come down from San Francisco with Zia's Mom.

OCTOBER - Happiness

Lillian LOVES warm fleece lined clothes.  Jo-Ann found a treasure trove at the local Carters outlet.  Pure joy when opening a shopping bag at the start of one of our regular visits to San Francisco (where it is cold 364 days a year).

SEPTEMBER - Volunteering

John's CIDP is controlled enough so that he can volunteer two days a week this month doing rough electrical work on 10 homes in nearby Martinez.  Here is some of the electrical work crew.


AUGUST - Eight of Nine Lives

Meshach got into 'something' during one of his outings and used up a few of his nine lives.  Don't ask about the vet bills.  But, with some shots to take care of whatever it might have been, he has made a full recovery.  But out lives were stretched out a bit most of the month as we watched over his slow recovery. 

JULY - Birthday #5

We are once again blessed to be able to host the Birthday celebration for our granddaughters. If you want to experience pure joy, see a band of 5 year olds playing in our wonderful yard.  Click picture or link arrow for more details.

JUNE - Another Wedding!

Friends and neighbors John and Kristen ask if they can use our yard (which backs to theirs) for a wedding for 100 or so.  We keep the 'front 40' green despite the drought so that all can enjoy the outdoor, garden wedding. It is our joy to participate in their commitment.

MAY - Visit from a friend

Laura Lee (no direct relation) comes to visit San Francisco for the first time since 1972.  She is a dear friend from college days and Peter's Godmother.  We have a great time playing tourist and catching up.  Proving once again that old friendships never die.

APRIL - Easter at Grandma's house

Really a continuation of the birthday celebration is an Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's.  Jo-Ann has been perfecting these treasure hunts over the years and the excitement of what prizes may lie beyond the wall is contagious.

MARCH - Birthday

Jo hits a milestone at 70 and what better way to spend it than with the Grandchildren and Brother Peter and Kate.  Son Peter's birthday is the same day so we have a 'twofer'.

FEBRUARY - Sisters

Jo-Ann treks off to Florida to visit her Irish twin sister Avis Daly for a week.  A visit with sister Carol is also on the agenda because she lives in the same town.  Lots of shopping and cocktail parties with friends.    Unfortunately, she retuned with a gnarly cold that sidelined her for over a week.


John's CIDP (click on Picture for more) is still with him but relatively controlled.  But no more climbing around on ladders or trench work at Habitat for Humanity. And standing for more than 15 minuets is tough.  He has reduced the amount of IVIG treatments to two days every 6 weeks.  Better than the alternative!

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