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WELCOME to the world of proud grandparents!!

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Girls are off to Hawaii. 12/4

Halloween is one of the girl's favorites. 10/31

Mom was hoping that Sam would 'lose' those skates. 10/3

Nothing better that new, warm, fleece lined pants for school. 10/3

School Pictures. 9/15

School Pictures. 9/15

Off to Kindergarten. First Day of school with apples. 8/20

Sam is a great Ham as well as being pretty strong.  7/22

Vacation in Tahoe with Mom and Dad 7/21

Birthday! Click on picture for new WEB page. 7/6

Right with Grandpa announcing the Pleasant Hill parade  7/4

Lillian loves the motorcycle snail at the Heather Farms Park 5/23

Graduation from Preschool is a pretty big event. Click on icon for YouTube video. 5/28

Sam is getting pretty good at writing her name. 4/15

 First Tooth!  Click film icon for Sam's explanation on YouTube. 4/10

Four Butterfly barrettes! Easter is fun at Grandma's house 4/5

Fun time at the new Heather Farms play park. 3/30

A compressed sponge in a pill - what will it be?  3/30

A nice portrait. 2/15

A nice portrait. 2/15

 Another Sleepover at Grandma's House.  Movies airline style. 1/19

At church they are impressed by Grandpa's singing  1/19


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