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WELCOME to the world of proud grandparents!!

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Splish Splash - The first big puddle of the year.  Peter captures the joy moment on film.  11/15


Peter and friends head off to the pro surf championships just down the street and see Kelly Slater take his 11th World Championship while Grandparents watch over the twins. Priceless!  11/3

First stitches are taken over the eye by Sam in a battle with the stairs.  Needless to say, great medical care in reducing scar potential by Zia's work associates at UCSF.  10/27


Halloween is a lot of fun at the pumpkin patch in Halfmoon Bay.  Plus the costumes are warm.  10/24

Swim Lessons at the local Park an Rec. for infants. Jo and Zia and Lauren's Mom do warm ups.  10/7

Zia got them to sit still for a moment with hamming it up for the camera. Nice Picture. 9/30

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A  street fair in the Sunset District offers an opportunity for the girls to 'get down'.  10/3


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They really are growing.  Sam shows us how she jumps into the pool at swimming lessons.  8/8

Lillian comes to visit in the warm part of the Bay and enjoys time with Grandma in the sprinkler.  9/20


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Walking - When Catharine visits, she 'works out' with Lillian and we get two movies of the first steps.  7/8

Reading books with Grandpa is relaxing before a nap  8/21


Stairs - Jo-Ann conducts a class in stair use for babies.  Turn around and go down feet first.  6/27

Just a nice picture.  Sam's hair is in a growth spurt while Lillian is putting it into teeth.  6/27

Tunnel - Samantha really enjoys the bright colors. 5/26

Click for Movie. Life is good and exciting says Sam.  5/24

Lillian and Dad all dressed up to go out to dinner.  5/12

Waving and walking!  Ready for a parade.   5/10

Sam gets crawling down at last.  5/3

Waving - a new behavior.  4/26

Learning to Walk.  Click on Picture for Movie Clip. 4/10

Samantha has such Blue Eyes!   3/11

Sisters Portrait.  3/4


Lillian makes being a Grandpa worthwhile. 2/27

We get some time on our own.  What a treat!  2/27


Samantha starts teething - moms resort to all sorts or remedies. 2/13

Starting to crawl.  Watch out!  2/13


Samantha likes it when Grandma Lee visits. 2/13

Who taught that dog to pose? 1/31

Lillian with Grandma Lee 1/31


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