2011!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!! The year is reverse chronology.

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DECEMBER  - Christmas Greetings

Samantha and Lillian enjoy a moment of sugar as they pose for this year's Christmas photo. Click on picture to see last year (what a difference!) or on the link to see more photos of the wonderful time we had in San Francisco with Peter and Zia.

NOVEMBER - Thanksgiving

Once again it time for "Turkey in the Trunk" as we cook the turkey in Pleasant Hill and transport it to Jo's brothers in Woodside.  It comes out perfect every time! Here we have a snap of the Lee Family after a sumptuous dinner.  Tryptophan has kicked in with the twins.

OCTOBER - Wedding in Michigan

John is well enough to travel once again - this time to a 'destination wedding' in Jackson, Michigan for Jo's Niece . 

We meet up with Aunt Jo for whom Jo-Ann is named. Click on link or picture for more details.

SEPTEMBER - Maui Vacation

Jo enjoys some time on the Lanai at our favorite rental condo in Maui.  Right on the ocean and just steps away from a great beach.  Didn't do much due to John's limitations - but that is just great at this place.

AUGUST - Medical Issues

Here John learns from his physical therapist how to be stable on crutches when he loses muscle strength and feelings in his legs.  August is taken up with testing and diagnosis of an immune disorder called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy CIDP.  Prognosis is good for a full recovery.  But life sure has changed for a while.

JULY - Birthday!

Seems such a short time, but July 6th marked the first birthday for our Grandchildren.  We are blessed to be able to host the party at our home.  So many babies as Peter and Zia invite their friends!

JUNE  - Graduation

We take a day to drive over to the Peninsula to attend the Graduation ceremonies for Nephew Patrick Daly.  We must say that it was one of the best!  Peter and Kate were able to muster up the entire family plus Kate's Mom for the occasion.  Click on link or picture for more details.

MAY - Growing before your eyes

In case you had not noticed it, we do have a link at the top of the page for an ongoing WEB page for our Grandchildren.  So May was a breather month, but we did get to visit San Francisco on a regular basis.  Click on link for more.      Babies

APRIL  - Lots going on

Tax season finishes up and John is on TV (Click for link).  But best of all a very productive month at the local Habitat site where John leads a crew of volunteers and some pros in wiring two of the homes - saving a lot of money vs. contracting. 

MARCH  - Sisters Visit

Avis travels from Florida and Carol from Michigan.  A great time to visit with the newest members of the family and see what we all are doing here.  So click on the picture or link for a family photo page with highlights of the visit.

FEBRUARY  - Plays, an era ends

School Plays are a part of the past as Uncle John is off to Woodside once again to see a niece or nephew in a stage play.  Click on the picture or the link button to see all the exciting details of the Menlo School's production of 'Noises Off'.

JANUARY - Family Get Together

Catharine and Krystol get away from the snow in Pennsylvania for a warm, sunny visit at the Beach in San Francisco.  We get an entire Family Photo.  Meshach, our cat was missing - but he isn't on speaking terms with the dogs.  (Happens in a lot of families.)


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