Wedding!!! - A Joyful Gathering of the Daly Clan

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WELCOME!! A Destination Wedding Celebration in Jackson, Michigan

Caroline Dove and Michael Bartlett are United in Marriage

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Beach Bar - Daly Reunion

Most of Jo-Ann's family meets at Clark Lake's famous Beach Bar for dinner.  When Jo was growing up in Michigan, this was a special place to go to eat.  It has not changed must at all.  One picture from 1947 appears to have Uncle Donald sitting at the bar.

We meet Auntie Jan

Jan is Jo-Ann's aunt on the Avis side of the family.

John suggests that throwing down his crutches and yelling that he's been cured would liven up the quiet before the wedding.  Jo suggest that it would be detrimental to his overall well being. 

Avis Daly Reads

Avis is Jo-Ann's 'Irish Twin' and is honored to read from the book of Genesis.



And now Shots from the Reception. Click any for a larger size.

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Daly Family with Caroline

Avis and Patrick

Aunt Jo - a namesake

Father George Dove Welcomes

Most of the Daly Cousins

Sunday Brunch at the Doves

Daly Siblings


And Spouses with Uncle Kenny and Barbara

John and Carol look on the 'First Dance" by the Bride and Groom


Farewell Diner


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