End of and Era!

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WELCOME!!  The Daly gene has an active theatric trait, first noticed when Peter would perform in front of the dark, reflective glass in the dining area of Ann Arbor.  Here are some photos of a wonderful evening at the Menlo School being entertained by Pat Daly in a production entitles "Noises Off"

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Remember the Movie?

Not in the Academy Award running was a 1992 movie production of the stage play directed by Peter Bogdanovich starring Carol Burnett and John Ritter in the role recreated by Patrick Daly. 

Seems Like Last year

Some of the cast members have been with Patrick since freshman year at the Menlo School.  Here Taylor Blackburn reprised the role played by Carol Burnett as the housekeeper.

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Almost as interesting as the play were the two scene changes.  Same set, just the back became the front and then back again!  All hands are on board for this.  No resting up in the Green Room for the actors.

Ohh - That Hurt

Patrick slips on a spilled sardine and does a full split for the audience.  John got most of the sequence in these 4 frames.

And all is well that ends well.  A big hug from Uncle John

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