Acting in the Blood?

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WELCOME!!  The Daly gene has an active theatric trait, first noticed by this blogger when Peter would perform in front of the dark, reflective glass in the dining area of Ann Arbor.  Here are some photos of a wonderful evening at the Menlo School being entertained by Pat Daly in a production of Room Service.

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A Wonderful pre show Dinner

Despite the conflict with Superbowl, Kate puts on her usual, elegantly prepared repast. 

Back Stage 'Break a leg'

Mom gets to see our star before the show and exhorts the usual admonition.  Not good with Lacrosse season starting the next day!

And now some great shots of the action!

What a wonderful escape from the trials and tribulations of the economy and war .. just like the original play in 1937!  Click on any picture for a larger shot.  Use the Back Button to return.  Enjoy!

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