2009!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!!  Lots of up's and down's this year.  That is why they call it life.

This is an ongoing edition of the Lee Internet Newsletter for 2009 presented 'Blog Style' - newest first.

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DECEMBER - Merry Christmas!!




DECEMBER - Farewell

Jo's Mother, Casilda Daly died peacefully after a full life.  It was in early December and we travel off to Vero Beach Florida for a family gathering honoring our time with her.  Lots of family photos if you follow the link or click the picture.


We were surprised and very honored to be a single 'citizen' as a couple in our home town.  This was for our 15 years helping the 4th of July Commission  as well as the neighborhood activities like the block party. 


NOVEMBER - Family Thanksgiving

Once again we trek off to Woodside with a turkey in the trunk. We meet Peter and Zia along with a host of critters and family. Click link for more family photos.


Once again it's time for 'vacation' in our favorite spot on Maui.  We were a little behind our normal schedule this year - but we made it!  We have a condo right on the ocean and it's wonderful to eat supper on the Lanai while the sun sets in the West.  We bask in the joy of a day filled with nothing but paradise!

SEPTEMBER - Block Party

Time for the Annual Vessing Road neighborhood party.  The yard had a tough time with the drought and 3 other parties this year.  But new friends are made and we get to catch up with old friends who live so close.


Chairs!  Check the mini page for a mini-project to build some Adirondack chairs.  There are as many plans for this variety as there are mosquitoes in the Adirondacks!  Click on the picture for some more detail.

AUGUST - A Wedding

Maggie and James are friends from Habitat for Humanity and they asked if they could use our home as a site for their wedding.  What a privilege to be able to help them start their lives together! Click on the picture or link for more photos.

JULY - Old time 4th of July

We have no idea who this family is, but the picture is worth a 1000 words.  Sis and Brother have just won first place in the water balloon toss contest.  We have been coordinating the Park games for about 15 years now.  And each year is a wonder to see the joy.

JUNE - Hospital volunteer

Jo started volunteering at the County hospital in Martinez last Fall doing 4 hours a week .  Now she is up to 2 days a week and acting as assistant volunteer coordinator.  She always looks forward to going there and returns each day with stories of people helped.  Not a bad job!

MAY - Medicare!!

Well, it finally happened after all those years paying for others.  John turns 65 and gets his 'welcome' letter from Medicare.  Especially happy is ExxonMobil who has been paying full employee rate for the past 10 years. Now they get a subsidy too due to the Part D legislation! 

APRIL - Habitat Build-a-thon

John helps out as a house leader for a home in Oakland, seen here with his two trusty team leaders, Mitchell and Ulita. Soon 20 people will descend on them saying "let's build this house in one day like they do on TV!"  For more pictures of the Habitat project, click the link.

APRIL - Anniversary Party

We are so happy to have taxes done! Peter and Zia celebrate 5 years of marriage at a party at their home and we make the trek to the Sunset District to honor the anniversary with many of their friends.  And John turned 65 this month - but no picture to celebrate that.

MARCH - Income Taxes

John volunteers for a third year preparing income taxes.  As usual, he bites off a big chunk by training 20 of the new recruits at a local community college and running a site in San Pablo. Here is a group photo of many of the site volunteers at the start of the season.  What a neat group of people!  We served 365 clients!

FEBRUARY  - An Actor in the Family

We travel off to Menlo Park for a wonderful evening of dinner and a play staring nephew Patrick Daly.  Here Mom gives a last minute "break a leg" hug.  Click on the picture for a new page with more details.

JANUARY - Happy Birthday

Jo goes off to Florida for a long weekend to join her siblings in a surprise birthday celebration for her Mother.  Avis is smart enough to get a photographer to capture the moment in time.


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