Christmas in San Francisco

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WELCOME!! Peter and Zia are both working on Christmas Eve, so we head over to San Francisco to babysit, spend the night and wake up for the first cognizant Christmas for the twins.  A wonderful time.  Enjoy!

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And now Shots from Christmas. Click any for a larger size.

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Baking cookies for the neighborhood

Good thing we have the new Subaru

Small tree this year does not stop Jo

What is with this wrapping?

Biggest hit - Cheerios dispenser

Which fits nicely under the arm

Skateboard - just like Kevin's

A natural

I know how this works

Tricking already

New Dollies - Cabbage Patch

And this comes with a bottle

Quintessential Lillian

Shopping is in the genes

A walk outside on a nice day

A walk outside on a nice day


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