Graduation from Menlo School

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We take a day to drive over to the Peninsula to attend the Graduation ceremonies for Nephew Patrick Daly.  We must say that it was one of the best!  Great relatives, but the commencement speaker was just inspirational enough, the student President just irreverent enough and the Professor just eclectic enough. 

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Grand Entrance - Pomp and Circumstance

We are a bit delayed by morning commute traffic, but arrive just in time to get a movie of the pomp and circumstance.  And that's because 'movie' was the last setting.  Click on picture for a windows clip.

Off to New York!

On the way out, Pat proudly displays his intended college for the Fall which he has painstakingly added to the top of his mortarboard. 

Is that a tear?

Aunt Jo is either about to cry at the youngest of her many nieces and nephews going off to college or just had a bit to eat.

Family Photo

The assemblage gets together for a photo on the lawn with the honored graduate.  That takes some doing with the 3 eldest children flung across the nation.

Great Lunch

Kate picks a wonderful spot for a graduation lunch. Everyone gets a choice of soup or salad and share or sun.  Here Elizabeth picks the sun.  The start of the day was very cold and foggy.

Great Job Pete and Kate!

A real milestone as the 4 Daly children pose together. 


Our waitress is more than ready to take another group shot before departure. Mary Munroe, Kate's Mom made it all the way from Washington DC.


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