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WELCOME to the world of proud grandparents!!

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She's Talking - I'm Walking

Lillian has her own strengths as well.  We are so proud that they are developing so independently.  Here she is in her very first outing in the 'Jumper".  So click on this picture for film or the Movie Icon for You-tube.

The Beginning of Speaking

Everyone is sure that Samantha will speak first.  Listen for yourself!

Click on picture for film!


We sure do love Mom

Peter got a great picture with Zia admiring her handiwork, as well she should.  The children are so responsive now.  Grandparent spoiling is just around the corner! 

We continue to be amazed and the miracle of life.  What a privilege to be able to see them as often as we do.

First Holliday - All Hollow's Eve

No trick or treating this year, but it offers up a good opportunity to dress up in new outfits.  Sam on the left and Lil on the right.  Looks like someone might have blue eyes!

Daly Gene

Those who are familiar with Jo's family know that sunglasses are a must, regardless of the lighting. So the ladies have an outing and the gene shows through.

Some Interaction

Lillian seems to respond to Jo-Ann's holding after feeding time. Almost 3 months old now - but not even 10 pounds yet.

Awake at last

A rare moment with both sets of eyes open on 8/23/10.  Samantha on the left.  This is inaugural outing in the new crib as they have outgrown the Moses Basket.

Cooing Helps Bond

Jo-Ann helps with burping duties with Lillian after the what seems to be constant feeding time.  They are growing fast now!

Going Home

They are progressing exceptionally well and Peter, Zia, Lillian and Samantha pass all the tests Kaiser has in place to 'check out.  So that happens on August 2, about one month after they were born.  Life will not be the same.


Grandpa John

John gets to hold Lillian during the feeding time.  For now it's a tube to the stomach with Mother's milk from a syringe.  Fast and nourishing!  Samantha is with Peter and having 'digestion time'

Grandma Jo

Here we get to hold the children for the first time!  They are almost two weeks old now.

And Jo goes shopping!

Preemie outfits are are to find, but Jo rises to the challenge. Sense the excitement?  Jo's comment is "I have not yet begun to shop!"

Proud Parents

Although small, the babies are doing well.  Mom and Dad get to have some 'skin time' with their children.  Click on the icon for a movie of this time.

So tiny!

It's Time!

Looks like a superhero 'suiting up' to save the day. Peter is ready for the c-section operation.  The time is AM.  He gets to tell Zia what they are doing and cuts umbilical chords


In April the 4 of us go to Maui for a babymoon.  It's like a honeymoon before the babies come.  Click this link to got to our April 2010 featured WEB Page


Zia has a pretty easy first few months, but then bed rest is called for.  Thank goodness for attentive 'nurse pugs'.


In February the ultrasounds start.  Peter and Zia elect to have the sex of the children withheld until birth. 

It's Official!

In early January Jo gets the official news at home that we are expecting twins.  John takes the opportunity to snap a picture of 'pure joy'.

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