2010!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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DECEMBER - A Most Blessed Christmas to All

Wishing all visitors that you year was as wonderful as ours.  Here we take a moment to get ready for the festive season at an Exxon Club luncheon.  One person asked John why he was drinking before noon.  His reply - "Because we can!"

Merry Christmas!  And A great New Year

NOVEMBER - Traditions anew and continuing

Jo's Brother and Family are off to a gathering in South America, so we continue the tradition of "Turkey in the Trunk" .  But this time it's off to San Francisco to join Peter, Zia and Zia's Mom, Cindy.  The twins sleep for a little bit extra allowing everyone to have at least the first course together.  Will miracles never end?

OCTOBER - Blue Angels

A luxury has become a necessity with a day on the Hornblower yacht to get a close up (and LOUD) view of the air show on the bay.  It's impossible to get Jo to look at the camera when Fat Albert, the Marine support plane opens up the show.

SEPTEMBER - Family Time

Catharine gets a short time off work to come to San Francisco to be "Auntie Cath".  We have a very short overlap after our Maui trip.  This is a rare moment with most of the Lee Family together for a great dinner at Peter and Zia's.  And it would not be complete without the pugs! 


To celebrate 43 years of marriage, we head off to Maui for the second time this year for a bit of down time.  We get to visit a blowhole - especially good with a good South swell. 

AUGUST - 3 Amigos at Habitat

The new development in Baypoint starts up and we help out during one of the first days.  A new tradition of "Corona Time" is established for the first day in addition to the one for getting the final permits at the end.  Mike Bartlett and Dave Rosenberg enjoy a cold one with John.

JULY - Grandparents!

Lillian Reina Lee and Samantha Casilda Lee are born July 6th!  A bit early at 3.5 pounds each.  Expect to see a lot more Web pages.  Check this link for the latest.

JUNE - Cribs

With 2 babies due in August, John starts work in earnest on custom cribs. He Jo is checking the prototype which is used as a storypole.  Click on the link for more details on this fine carpentry project.

MAY - Bathworks

The downstairs bathroom at Peter and Zia's home in the Sunset was way too small.  So bust out a wall into the garage, and now it's big enough for a tub.  Peter's father-in-law handles a lot of the work with John doing plumbing and electrical.  And a new custom built vanity!

Click link for more work on "This Old (Sunset) House"

APRIL - A Family Vacation in Maui

The Lees take the end of April to celebrate Peter and Zia's 6th Wedding Anniversary, John's 66th Birthday and the impending birth of twins. Peter and Zia call the vacation a 'babymoon'. Click link for more pictures.


MARCH - Taxes

Here John poses for a photo op with two other volunteers at the San Pablo Tax Center where he leads the effort to prepare about 250 tax returns for low income families.  It really is like a full time job with an annual retirement on April 15th.

FEBRUARY  - An Actor in the Family

We travel off to Menlo Park for a wonderful evening of dinner and a play staring nephew Patrick Daly.  Here Aunt Jo gets a hug for the road. Click on the picture for a new page with more details.

JANUARY - Surprise visit

Our Annual Web page is based on the wonderful Christmas note we received for many years from our longtime friend, Harry Coyle.  Our interactions lately consisted of hugs and hellos at the 4th of July. Then he just moved to Arizona but stops by during a visit to close out some business. We have a delightful dinner, filled with assorted tales, as usual.


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