Custom Built Cribs

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WELCOME!!  The impending birth of Twins gives John a good change to buy some new tools and make custom cribs for the babies.

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A Prototype is needed

There is only one outfit in the US where you can buy crib parts.  Instructions are pretty marginal, so John makes a prototype to test key features.  Then this turns into a story pole for the actual construction.  Jo looks to see if any babies are inside yet. Nope.


A Good Excuse for a New Tool

Picked up from the Rockler store on his trust tiny trailer, John hauls the 800 pounds on NEW SAW to the barn. It's a sate of the art table saw from Delta.  John sold his old Jet saw for $100 more than he paid for it 7 years ago.  And that's another story in itself.

Lots of Lumber

Two cribs are called for, and that is a lot of wood.  This is Hard Maple which is the litmus test for sharp tools.  Notice the nice new Delta Unisaw. 

Lots of Lumber

All that wood translates down to 100 spindles for the crib sides.  Everything is double and when you multiply by 4 sides, each activity becomes 400!  And that doesn't include the end frams!

A test section

John uses the expertise of the Habitat Carpool to develop a joinery plan.  This is a test section and is used to not only prove the techniques, but whet the appetite of the recipients.

Assembly Test

Joinery is done and we test the assembly.  Here Jo is just back from her day volunteering at the hospital and shows off the drop side.  Getting close now.

Drying Rack

The tankhouse is turned into a drying rack after spray painting the many coats of Polyurethane.

Snuffy Smith Spray booth

To make sure dust and dirt do not get in the final coat, a still place for spraying is needed.  A bit of left over plastic and some scrap lumber does the trick.

Hope they aren't allergic to cats.

A final test assembly of one crib takes place after about 200 hours of work.  And the second is close behind. 

Let's see ... how much money did we save by making it yourself??  Knowledge of a safe, sturdy crib - priceless.

The Payoff

The grandchildren are safe and at home.  Only one crib is called for because they are so small.  The drop side really makes it easy to tuck them in tight.  Life is good for the woodworker!

But Wait, There's More!!

Seems a shame to have all that space going to waste. So John designs a drawer assembly that works in conjunction with the dropside.  One drawer is left out until it is converted to a youth bed with a lower rail.

Dog storage?

It might be nice to have a spare dog next to your bed for when the monsters come.

All Done!

After 4 months, both cribs are called for and John delivers the second crib which has been in Pleasant Hill being retrofitted with drawers. Peter got a film of the inaugural separation event.  Click on the picture for film

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