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WELCOME to the world of proud grandparents!!

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Decorating gingerbread houses - a lonstanding Lee tradition 11/22

Grandma always has such good things to do at her house. 11/22

One a week dance lessons keep everyone busy. 11/20

That time of year again.  Ladybug and Unicorn, just in case.  10/31

Catharine's Mexico wedding is the big event for which we have been practicing petal strewing. 10/23

Grandpa gives tractor rides at the annual Vessing Block Party. 9/28

Grandpa gives tractor rides at the annual Vessing Block Party. 9/28

Time out for family vacation at our "Maui House". 9/5

First day of the second (and last) year of preschool. 8/26

Lillian just can't get enough climbing while on vacation in Tahoe. 8/12

A weekend away in Tahoe allows Sam to show her strength. 8/12

We enjoy Pixieland's airplane ride when staying over. 7/19

Grandpa's Parade Announcer stand offers a perfect vantage point. 7/4

Getting ready for Birthday involves lining up ponies 7/1

Great video clip of the girls at 'Play' dancing the Tango. Click icon or picture for a UTube Video  6/13

Dance lessons have started during the summer  6/5

A trip to the local fair includes Kittens at the petting zoo.  5/26

Lillian is really focusing on Monkey Bars.  Reminds us of crawling. 5/2

Mon and Dad's baskets all made and hidden for use the next day. 4/13

Lillian's fine motor skills are developing fast.   4/1

This horse has my name written on it!  3/21

A visit to our home is always a good excuse for the rides at Pixieland 3/21

Lillian enjoys building blocks at preschool  3/8

She looks like a teenager already!


 A visit to the snow county is always a good photo op.  3/2

Curley Locks  2/23

Krystol and Cath come to celebrate Krysol's birthday in SF 2/8

 Another Sleepover at Grandma's House leads to baking lessons 1/20

Samantha says it's Date Night  1/16

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