2014!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!! The year is reverse chronology.

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DECEMBER - Visitors from Bethlehem before Christmas

Catharine & Krystol brave a trip across the county and just get in before the storm of the decade.  The flight was even early, but the delay was getting to Peter & Zia's home via the flooded freeway. After the storm, we enjoy a family dinner together.  Merry Christmas to all!

NOVEMBER - Daly Thanksgiving

Continuing with a tradition that spans decades now, we pack up a cooked turkey, sing 'Turkey in the Trunk' all the way to Woodside and enjoy both good food and family company.  Here are Peter and Kate Daly with Jo-Ann.  The grand-twins joined us and loved the horse rides.  "That sure is a big pony Grandpa!"

OCTOBER - Wedding in Mexico

A family portrait in remembrance of a wonder event just outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico the week of 10/18.  Click on the picture or the Info Button to see more details.


The girls have yet another visit to their 'Maui House'.  Nothing better than rainbow shaved ice .. a work of art!  We celebrate 47 years of marriage at our favorite spot.  See some photos and movies of our time together.


AUGUST - Volunteering

A good time to recognize volunteer-ing.  Jo-Ann is at the local County Hospital as an 'Assistant Volunteer Coordinator' and jack of all volunteering. She is there two to three days a week.  John is a State certified Medicare Counselor, volunteering for the County one day a week .. more in November.

JULY - Birthday!

Lillian and Samantha turn 4 years old on July 6th. We are privileged to host the party once again in Pleasant Hill.  A bit of a trek, but where else can you have pony rides?  Here the girls anticipate the event.  Click on pic or link for more pictures

JUNE - Florida

Then, as long as we are traveling, we stop by Florida to see sisters Avis and Carol.  Here we enjoy lunch at Avis's Club which is right on the beach.  Wonderful time.


MAY - Visit Back East

We take a quick trip to visit Catharine and Krystol in Bethlehem, PA.  Here we enjoy a bar-b-que where we meet a lot of Krystol's family.  That means a photo op with Donna, Krystol's Mom. 

APRIL - Big 7 0!

Surprise! Jo-Ann and good friend Colleen plan a dinner with friends which turns into a big surprise birthday party for John.  Catharine flies in from Pennsylvania especially for the occasion.  Click link for more. 


MARCH - Overnight for Jo's Birthday

Lillian and Samantha get to spend 3 days with Grandma Jo for her birthday.  Turns out it is Daddy's as well which causes some confusion in the mind of a toddler.  We enjoy going to Pixie Playland, a small local amusement park where you can drive your own car!

FEBRUARY - Visitors from Bethlehem

Cath and Krystol come to visit for a long weekend with the Twins. As you can see, they think it is a really neat experience.  We have a tough time coordinating schedules, so we missed the family picture.  But just wait until this Fall and the wedding in Mexico.

JANUARY - Tax Season Training

John switches Tax preparation Volunteering to the AARP sponsored program.  This where retired CPA's and IRS agents keep their minds sharp.  Because of his vast experience with the United Way's program, he is given a short study course and even conducts part of the training.  Click on Pic for a movie for prior years.

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