Grandchildren 2012

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WELCOME to the world of proud grandparents!!

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Budding artists after Christmas 12/26


So proud of gingerbread houses 12/22


First Santa meeting at breakfast fundraiser 12/1


Hello Neighbor's Kitty 11/22



First Sleepover at Grandma's House after Thanksgiving 11/22


Helping Grandpa with Nap 11/18


Little Engineers figure a new way to sit all on their own  11/18

Aunty Cath comes for a visit 11/4



Halloween Costumes 10/17


Helping Grandpa with IVIG 10/4

My Board!! 9/13

Naptime in Maui 9/12

Warm Ocean - Maui 9/10

Click here for more More Maui

Hold on for Dear Life -  Discovery Museum 8/17

A Butterfly for sure 8/19

Crib to Big Bed 8/17

Sun In Pleasant Hill 7/30

Fog in San Francisco 8/5

Bubbles!! 7/12      

iPad Time with Grandpa 6/7

Finger-painting - What now? 5/30

Ice Cream! 5/22

Ice Cream 5/22


Fashion statement by Lillian on the Zoo expedition 4/30

A rare nice day in the Sunset allows us to visit the SF Zoo .. a favorite spot by now.  And so we don't get lost, holding hands. 4/30

Jo-Ann provides a bit of motor control for Lillian's idea for a painting project 4/15

Nuff said 3/21

Samantha's toy now becomes the home standard and Lillian needs her own version.  3/18


Samantha discovers that one of the play balls inside Mom's whisk is a great toy. 3/18

Planking is a trend among young adults that seems very natural to Lillian.  2/23


Lillian is starting a growth spurt for hair. Not curly locks yet.  What a wonderful smile!  2/2

Samantha enjoys some time at the local park on the horsey.  Too much hair!  2/5

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