2012!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!! The year is reverse chronology.

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DECEMBER - First View of Santa

Jo and Zia go off to a fundraiser where the twins have their first meeting with Santa.  A bit guarded, but no terror. And then they get to spend the night a Grandma Jo's house!  Life does not get much better than this - for both parties.

NOVEMBER - Turkey in a Trunk

Our tradition of Thanksgiving in Woodside was preempted by a trip to visit adult children in Chicago.  We cooked at home and wrapped the turkey in a blanket for the appropriate time. It was wonderful as was the company of Zia's Mom.

OCTOBER - Treatments

After a relapse, we change course of treatment for John's CIDP (Click to see this note from Sept 2011).  So now it is monthly infusions of IVIG (Click too).  John makes the best of 4 days in a row of sitting with a makeshift desk from old cabinet parts. Late note - stuff is working.

OCTOBER - Major Lifestyle Change

We had not used the "best parlor" in years so we cleaned out all the old furniture via auction or dump, repainted, purchased new furniture and moved our bedroom downstairs.  The cat had no trouble adapting.

SEPTEMBER - Maui Vacation

Once again we are back to Maui for our 45th Anniversary.  We bring along the family to celebrate.  The twins are infused with Jo-Ann's love of warm ocean.  Click on link for more  family pictures.

AUGUST - New Heat and Air

Hard to believe, but for 42 years we have had the original floor heater installed back in 1951.  Just and on-off key when we moved in so John added a thermostat.  So this upgrade is high tech - high efficiency hot water heater to a hydronic air handler. Jo says - 'I just want to be warm!'  And so she is.

JULY - Birthday Party

Once again we are privileged to host a birthday party at our home.  Thirty degree temperature difference in as many miles is typical.  Cath treks out from Pennsylvania so we have a family portrait.  Check the sub-page for more pictures of the party.

JUNE - Christmas comes twice a year

John's old trusty lawn tractor finally needed replacing with this new Sears unit after 16 years of hard work not only mowing grass but hauling children at annual block parties.  He recalls that Jo-Ann purchased the first on her birthday as a present to herself so she could surprise him after a business trip.

MAY  -Wedding in West Virginia

We trek off to Morgantown Virginia for the final wedding in the Dove family.  That being Nephew John to Laura.  We have the opportunity to get a snapshot of all 4 Daly sisters.  Family may want to check the sub-page for more pics.

APRIL - Easter Egg Hunt

Oh, the wonder of first time experiences.  In this case an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard. Click on link for more pictures.

MARCH  - Me and My Shadow

Every once in a while the camera is ready at a great moment.  Peter catches one of these with the twins at home in the Sunset District.  See the film via direct link to a Microsoft Windows file by clicking the picture or click on the film icon to link to Utube (no account required).  And see what else is up at the GRANDBABIES page,


Once again it time for Volunteer Tax Preparation.  John gets to be on TV as a part of the Program with United Way. See the film via direct link to a Microsoft Windows file by clicking the picture or click on the film icon to link to Utube (no account required).


JANUARY  - Cath Visits

Samantha and Lillian get to meet and enjoy some time with 'Auntie Cath' who leaves a legacy dating back to teen years when she was known by local toddlers as MaMoo.  That was teaching toddlers to strip clothes off dollies for Mom to put back on. 

John is still not 100%, so he has the enviable task of holding dogs (and beer).


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