Second Birthday for Samantha and Lillian!

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WELCOME!!  Peter and Zia made it yet another year!  A cause for celebration becuase it's now on to the terrible two's.  Our home was blessed by so many young children at Samantha's and Lillian's official Birthday party.  Join us in reviewing the pictures.

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As guests arrive, we check out the slip and slide. 

And warm weather!

BFF with Lauren and the new play table.

Piņata time - but it is well made!

Time to sing Happy Birthday (we have been practicing all week).

Good job Samantha!

And the guests look on.

Whew! - Naptime with Grandpa looking on.  (No flash please)

Guest have gone, but bubble time with Grandma Cindy is always fun 

And when we need more (spillage rate is high), Aunt Mamoo will help.

Some of the women of the family


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