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WELCOME to the world of proud grandparents!!

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Sam models the first pair of high heels 12/25

Lillian has opening presents down to a fine science. 12/25

Playing with new artwork toys and settling down for naptime. 2/25

Sam is Ready to go home after her heart operation. 12/13


Cath and Lillian enjoy some time on the dunes while Sam is in the hospital 12/10


What goes on in the mind of a 3-1/2 year old toddler?  12/1


Blue lips are not from the cold.



A nice picture of Samantha captured on Mom's phone. 11/15


Lillian thinks Thanksgiving is a 'Party Day' and look her best 11/28


Face time with Grandpa after his 2nd cataract surgery 11/6


Halloween 10/28


Tractor hayride with Grandpa John the weekend before Halloween.   10/26


Pixie Playland offers car rides without adults if you are over 40".  10/26


A day the Zoo is always fun.


September Maui Trip.  See more at this link. 


Preschool starts!  How fast they grow.  8/28


And Lillian couldn't exactly choose what tiara went with the princess dress.  8/16


Preschool visit offers a chance to play with all sorts of toys. And dress up   8/16


Big girls do big puzzles. We get to visit most Sundays while Mom and Dad work.   8/8




See more at this link.   7/6


Lillian sits on the perch rock which our contractor specially picked out for this purpose.   6/11


We just finish up the pond and yard when we have some visitors who think this is pretty neat!.   6/11


A special day is going to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa.  Here we are at Burger King after a Pony Ride.   5/12


Nothing better that showing off your Grandchildren at 'work'.  The reward is a helium balloon from the Hospital Gift shop.   4/22


Sam is happy that summer happens at GrandMa's house! They have had the pool since Christmas, just waiting for a good day.   4/7


The smile says it all.  Pony rides at Ocean Beach.   4/3


Yet another Sleepover at Grandma's House leads to a day at the local park.  Nice weather!  3/3


Little engineers - let's take all the Playdo and make a big cookie.  I'll tromp it together with my foot. 3/3


Another Sleepover at Grandma's House leads to baking lessons 2/9


Sometimes it's great to be living in the cold Sunset District 1/29


Nice day at the beach results in spontaneous hugs  1/18


A day at the Zoo ends with a pony ride on the classic Carousel.  1/4

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