Third Birthday for Samantha and Lillian!

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WELCOME!!  Peter and Zia made it yet another year!  A cause for celebration because they are beyond the terrible two's.  Our home was blessed by so many young children at Samantha's and Lillian's official Birthday party.  Join us in reviewing the pictures.

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Family photo op

Before others arrive - we have to see what that blob is in the middle of the yard.  Click pic for Movie.

John and friend Colleen put together the new swing set the week before.  The girls have to help finish the swings.

Zoila found these enormous Piņatas who at this point are huggable.  Imagine how much candy they can hold!

Bounce house was a big hit with all sizes of 'children'.

Water balloon tossing at Grandpa Keith is one of the highlights of the day for Lillian.

Grandpa Keith helps with the new glider.

Cath and friend Julie from childhood along with her family. 

Samantha has star power.  We used the carport as a dining area. 

A chorus of HAPPY BIRTHDAY is enjoyed by the girls.


A new bike from Grandpa Keith will take a bit of growing.  But it sure is fun today!

And San tries it out with Dad with Cath and Natalie looking on


Time with Dad for ice cream and cake.

Lillian likes the pink panther look


While Sam is into the rainbow colors.

Grandpa John is the keeper of the snack table.


Great job Mom and Dad!


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