2013!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!! The year is reverse chronology.

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DECEMBER - Fixed Heart

Babies grow up, and the doctors decided that Samantha was big enough for her heart repair.  Parents were able to choose between Benioff at UC San Francisco or Lucile Packard at Stanford.  Stanford won out and the care was superlative.  Here our trooper is ready to leave with her ruby slippers which will take her home.

NOVEMBER  - Turkey in a trunk!

Continuing a longstanding Lee family tradition, we cook the turkey at home.  Then wrap it in blankets and towels for a trip across the bay.  This year it is to Peter and Zia's home in San Francisco. This technique is so ingrained that even if dinner is here, we put it in the trunk in the carport for an hour or two!

OCTOBER - Cataracts

Since about January, John has had increasing difficulty seeing.  It finally required giving up driving in August until we could schedule the surgery in October. What a relief to see clearly again.  A lot of good "seeing" was missed in Maui.

SEPTEMBER  - Maui Vacation!

Once  more we get everyone to Maui for Family vacation - not an easy task.  The twins are still talking about it from last year.  This year we also have the announcement of the engagement of Catharine and Krystol!   Click on the link for more pictures of the fun filled time.

AUGUST - Volunteering

Jo-Ann continues to be a very regular volunteer at the County Hospital.  This picture was just for publicity for the Wednesday regulars. She also volunteers all day Monday and has been president of the Fundraising Auxiliary for 2 years.  That's why we ned vacation in Maui - just like when working!

JULY  - Birthday!

We have the honor once again to host a gala party for the grandchildren.  We have swimming, bounce house, a new swing set, new bikes, water balloons and more!  Click on the link for more pictures of the fun filled event.

JUNE  - Perch

Almost done!  Now to enjoy the new yard we replace family room windows with French doors and a floor level patio deck.  Seems like contractors have been with us for 2 months solid -- and they have! See more details in link below.


MAY  - Dust Bowl

We finally get the Pond and Back Yard revamp project underway.  We had to wait through the rainy winter and now have dirt everywhere. Here Chuck and Amber place a key rock ledge at the waterfall area.  Click in Arrow for more details of the project.

APRIL  - Visitors from Bethlehem

Cath and Krystol visit all the way from Pennsylvania.  - and enjoy the extended tour of Cath's childhood home.  Somehow we missed the opportunity for an entire family portrait.  But we enjoy this one.


MARCH  - Sleepovers

Several sleepovers in March.  This one included a trip to Pixie Play Land in a local park in Concord.  The Froghopper is the little kids 'drop ride'.  They both did well on it until one drop was enough to leave a bit of tummy in ones throat.  We all slept very well that night.

FEBRUARY  - Passing of a good friend

John had volunteered to handle Ruth McLain's financial affairs when he retired back in 1999.  Through the years the involvement grew to include her medical affairs, moving her into a nursing home in 2008 and finally arrangements after her passing on February 22.  She became a defacto member of the family and always  proudly referred to John as "my Money Man".


JANUARY  - New Car

Looking closely, you see that is not an ExxonMobil filling station nor is it a gas hose which John Lee is holding. Yes, he has purchased a Plug-in Electric Hybrid. It gets about 20 miles to an “electrical fill-up” and then turns into a conventional Gas/Electric Hybrid at about 45 miles per gallon. After an exhaustive economic study, John figures this takes about 24.2 years to pay out in fuel savings. But the WOW factor is priceless.


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