Yard and Pond Work

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WELCOME!!  We were sitting at the Family Room looking outside last Summer, and decided we would like to see the yard and pond improved.  We enlisted bids from 3 Landscape Architects and select5ed one who could not start until Spring and it dried out a bit.  Here are some photos of the 2013 'dust bowl' to Garden of Eden.

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All done and being used.  A view from the tankhouse.

Meshach agrees that the new 'perch' is the cat's meow. No dogs can get up without a stairway.

A new patio door from the family room.  Decking is diagonal because nothing on the house is square!

Now that the pond is about done, we employ another contractor to build a new Deck.

The water jumped up and got me wet!

The Twin Grandchildren naturally use the ledge rock for which it was intended.

Sod finally in, we enjoy the inaugural use by the grandchildren.

Here is the trusty construction crew with their chief critic and quality control inspector.  No complaints!

Instant gratification comes from sod.  Talk about back breaking work!

Waterfall is about done.  Some fine tuning to be done, but we are ready for sod,

The waterfall and pond start to take shape.  Jo-Ann can almost see it now.

Lost of watering to be done. This is the new pump manifold


One of the key rocks is put into place.  Chuck chose this especially thinking that it would be a perch for children.

An old stump tries to fend off the backhoe to no avail.

BEFORE  2013  - Just as construction starts, we had let everything dry out.

BEFORE  A wedding for Habitat Friends in 2009.

BEFORE  Block Party 2009.  Not as good a view as now! 

BEFORE  A block party circa 2005.

BEFORE  A picture from 2003 when John was mucking out the pond.  This still will need to be done, but a bottom drain will make it easy! .

BEFORE  A fiend's wedding about 2003.




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