2006!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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2006 was another great year - culminating in everyone home safe and sound for Christmas.


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A trip to Florida is called for to celebrate Jo-Ann's Mother, Casilda's, birthday.  It was a quite time where we could just talk and share.  Weather was wonderful as was the family interaction. Click on the link below for more pictures.


A beautiful offshore wind and high surf make for a pretty spectacular day at the pier in Pacifica.  This is one of those "must regenerate" days for Jo-Ann.  We are so fortunate to live in such a wonderful region!



Rain Rain and More Rain!  Although not a lot of water .. it seemed to rain every day in March and we set new records for days with measurable water.  But Cath leaves nice, warm, 75 New York to stop by for a short weekend visit.  And that was a day of sunshine regardless of the weather!


  Cath is back again to help celebrate Peter and Zia's 2nd Wedding anniversary.  A pretty big test of the new deck and grill, we never did get a picture of the 5 of us at the same time.  But the facilities passed with flying colors and a good time was had by all.


We're off to an adventure to Kauai for a week.  Here is a 'dressed up' picture from our Condo balcony before going out to a fancy dinner on the beach.  Click on the link for more pictures.


  Retirement once again as John enjoys a farewell dinner with the San Francisco based AcuTech employees.  A picture of the Social Security Office might have been more interesting and symptomatic of the event .. but all of the sign up was done on-line.  And you never see a check with direct deposit.  Is it all real?  At 7:00 in the AM -- yes!


Continuing into our 12th year, we again volunteer to help coordinate games in the Pleasant Hill City park after the 4th of July parade.  Pictures like this explain the rewards of this volunteering effort.  But it's so exhausting, that we can't stay awake to see the fireworks at 9:30!


John focuses on getting the main yard redone.  Here a conceptual sketch done using a 'before' photo and  Photoshop helps Jo-Ann visualize the changes.  Will it come out that way?  Click on this link or the picture for the full story.


Time for another 'true vacation' in Maui to celebrate 39 years of marriage.  No phone, limited internet, few chores. Biggest task for the day is enjoying the sunset from the grill area at our rental condo.


John and Peter spend almost every Monday and Tuesday redoing the main bathroom in the home in San Francisco. Sheetrock and tile work is contracted out to those with a bit more skill.  For more on "this old house", follow this link.


 Retired! Jo-Ann packs up her work activities and fully retires.  First order of business is some yard work (always a lot to do at Vessing Road). But she also takes on two new clients at the Foundation for Aging as well as volunteering as a morning helper at the crisis nursery in Concord.  Never a dull moment.


John continues to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  Here, he and Anna show off a special jig he made to assist in coping the base board joints.  Anna is an Americorps assistant who is John's boss for the day. Ain't retirement grand?


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