Kauai - A Great May Adventure

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Waimea Canyon

One of our first trips is to the Waimea Canyon on the West Side.  This is one of the waterfalls that has not been captured by the Sugar Cane industry.


Waimea Canyon

A second photo from the well visited, formal overlook spot.  Lots of helpers to exchange photo responsibilities.

Wailua Falls

A second day takes us along the East and North sides of the island.  Here Jo enjoys Wailue Falls, famous for having been in the opening credits with Ricardo Mantalbon welcoming you to Fantasy Islans.

A Great View

The tripod adds some help to get a picture on our balcony before departing for dinner out.  This is pretty dressed up for Kauai.


Dinner on the Beach

What a pleasant meal by the ocean at Beach House Restaurant.  Good idea to make reservations a week in advance - even in low season.

A Boat Tour to See More Sights

Here a few spinner dolphins join us briefly on our way to the Napali Coast.

Napali Coast Is Incredible

After a wonderful trip along the coast, we do pause for the photo opportunity that really can't capture all there is do see.



She Doesn't Believe We're Going In There

One of the highlights of the trip is actually entering one of the sea caves where the top has collapsed in creating a small island inside. 


Towards the end of our visit we capture Jo on this wonderful beach where she encounters one of the Hawaiian Monk seals .. so named because they tend to be solitary.

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