Florida - A Wonderful Family Visit

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Thursday Morning in the Sun

It takes all day to get from Pleasant Hill to Vero Beach!  So after traveling all day Wed, Jo gets up to enjoy some sun in the balmy weather of Florida


Great Minds at Work

A leisurely breakfast and various paper reading activities fill the rest of the morning.

Time for Lunch

Yes, we really did some chores and then all met for lunch at the beach.

Time for Some Hard Work at the Ocean

Jo-Ann, Avis and Sammy enjoy some time at the beach.  The water was a bit chilly so no big swim time except for a bit of frolicking up to your knees (which aren't much on a Shiatsu).


So time to get Cleaned up for Dinner

And that is a pretty involved undertaking to get the dog back to loving condition.  Definitely a two person effort.

A Wonderful Birthday Dinner

We all follow Sammi's example Jo and Avis clean up pretty well themselves.  We take a moment for a photo opportunity as we anticipate our wonderful meal.

And Another Photo After Dinner

And back at the house we all take a moment out of digestion time for another family portrait.



Report this Abused Dog!

The malnourished Samantha stands at the dinner plate having suffered through a day of no treats or table begging rewards.

And there is a Bridge for sale in Arizona ....

If you believe the above picture and text.  Call John and he'll gladly broker the deal.

A Fond Farewell

So Saturday brigs us to departure time as hugs all around reaffirm our love for one another.



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