Yard Work 2006

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New Stairs

John never did like the stairs put in in 2004.  So this is a prototype for new rise and run as well as handrail placement.  Jo is not convinced as she almost falls off going out for the paper in the early morning.



This picture taken in February shows the start of the main project.  Thank goodness the stairs are redone.


So, with the help of Photoshop and some graphics, John lays out the tentative plan to see if will meet Jo-Ann's expectations.  Based on this concept, we proceed.

A Water Feature Arrives

While shopping around for a water feature, we find just the one Jo wants on sale.  So early in the morning, John gets to the nursery store to ensure there is enough help to get it loaded, taking 6 burley nursery workers (an oxymoron?). 

Just like Building a Pyramid

After a few bags of concrete for a support, a bit of shoring allows John to get the fountain parts off of the trailer and in place.  This great trailer traces its roots back to 1972, the year Peter was born.

880 Pounds of Fountain Installed

No need to describe the great respect John has for those who build the great structures in Egypt.  Ramps, levers and just plain sweat is all it takes.

Wall Under Construction

Now some fun stuff with just plain old concrete foundation, stud walls and chicken wire over plywood.  This photo is just to assure Jo we are on track with the original concept.



Getting Close to the End

OK!  Check this picture against the top one or click on button below for a picture for a comparison / progress picture.  Click on this picture itself for a neat picture of the proud owners.

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