2016!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!! The year is reverse chronology.

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DECEMBER -  Wishing you all the best!

Here we are at the annual December Luncheon for the ExxonMobil Retiree Club.  Jo is the Treasurer (10 years now) and John keeps everone in touch through the Newsletter where he is Editor at Large.  The Mother-ship still supports our lunches - one of the last to do so.

NOVEMBER - Thanksgiving

Once again the turkey is in the trunk for the drive over the river and through the woods to Jo's brother's home in Woodside. it came out beautiful.  Here Sam makes sure Uncle Peter is doing the carving in a caring manner.

OCTOBER - Short Cruise on the Bay

Jo-Ann loves the Blue Angels Navy Flight Demonstration Team.  So we elected to once again take BART to the City and go out to see them up close near the Golden Gate Bridge.  Woops, we forgot our camera, but the Cruise provider had one at the ready.  Woops, we forgot ear plugs too!

SEPTEMBER - Maui Vacation

A bunch of doing nothing is a vacation.  Turns out with all the volunteer demands on us this year, we really needed a vacation - just like the old days when we had actual paid work nipping at our heels.  And what better place to just enjoy the ocean and great weather - Maui!

AUGUST - Church Search Committee

John gets fully involved leading the Grace Church Rector Search Committee.  This turns out to be a lot of work in August and October to define who we are and what we want as a congregation. But is is a very caring group all of whom are committed to doing the best job possible.  That's why we have been there almost 40 years!

JULY - Another Birthday Party - #6

Another opportunity for an almost complete family picture.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to open our home for the day so that almost 90 friends and family and join in celebrating the births of Sam and Lillian.

JUNE - Habitat Build-a-thon

Five days of the month are taken up with John volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity Build-a-thon in Martinez.  Not much framing or truss rolling, but he helps by keeping the multitude of volunteers away from the forklift. Can you find him?

MAY - Mexico

Although Mexico is not high on our list of destinations, Jo-Ann could not resist spending time with Catharine and Krystol in Puerto Vallarta.   They had a great beach condo, met many new friends and did not suffer from Montezuma's revenge.

APRIL - Happy Anniversary

Off to San Francisco for a 12th Anniversary Party for Peter and Zia.  We are so pleased to have been so close for so many years.  Many of their friends have children around 6 so that it was impossible to capture San and Lillian for inclusion in this family photo.  Everyone had a grand time.

MARCH - Tax Time

For about the 10th year now, John volunteers to help people with taxes.  The AARP Foundation sponsors Tax Centers all across the USA.  These are the volunteers at the Pittsburg Senior Center.  A bit of a trek over the hills, but the people here really can't afford paid help.

FEBRUARY - Visitors from Monterey

A longtime friend dating back to the 1980's stops by for a most pleasant visit. Here is a photo of Jo-Ann and Joyce with her daughter and two grandchildren.  Our last visit was the occasion of our 40th Anniversary party - too long a time between visits.

JANUARY - Visitors from Bethlehem

Catharine and Krystol planned a trip in December but had to defer it until January. We are happy to see them anytime.  They were hoping for warm weather, but it is cold and rainy.  John gets to proudly wear his Christmas present from his daughters!

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