Sixth Birthday for Samantha and Lillian!

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WELCOME!!  Peter and Zia made it yet another year!  A cause for celebration - well just because they are so beautiful!  Our home was blessed by

many young children at Samantha's and Lillian's official Birthday party.  Join us in reviewing the pictures.

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Sam starts out the day with her best dress. and Flowered lei.


Sam and Lil share a quiet moment before the festivities.  They hardly see each other once guests arrive.

Families know there is plenty of shade and a swimming pool.  Like a day at the park!

The Bouncy House (also know as the sugar antidote) is always a big hit. Click on picture for a u-Tube Video.

Two ponies are kept pretty busy for over an hour. But it was good to shut down the zip line for a while.

The lotus candles are always spectacular.  And John stands by with MAPP gas just in case.

Cake is so soft that you don't even need teeth to eat it! A bonus for young and old alike.

Jo-Ann tries to hold back the onslaught of those seeking sugar.

Zip Line Placeholder.

Some time we have the piņata which proved way to easy for the children and way to difficult for Daddy.

A side party for some healthy food for a change.

Tractor rides are always a good diversion.  Precious cargo!

Cath's friend Amy and her son Lucas, join the festivities!

As the day draws to a close, the bouncy is converted to dry land.  But tractor rides and zip line continue until adults are worn out.


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