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Here we all are again Ė safe and sound at Jo-Annís brothers for Thanksgiving.  If you missed last year, click on this link to our old home page to see what has changed.

 (You think Jo is holding in Johnís Tummy? Not so, read on)

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A visit to Florida to visit Johnís Father and Mary Farley.  Father Lee is upgrading to a new computer - because the old pentium (that's not a body part) is too slow. John is there to provide some technical support.  You can always E-mail your computing questions to:


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Weíre at the Pacifica Pier, just south of San Francisco on a beautiful Saturday.  A big storm in Alaska has caused the surf to be spectacular - and at no extra charge!

Jo-Ann is still working while John awaits the final retirement party.  

Both of us are obviously happy.


At long last!! - retirement from the Exxon Benicia Refinery.

This picture is taken after the luncheon for a few of John's close associates, most of whom have been friends for both John and Jo for over 25 years.  It was held at an old residence in Benicia that dates from the Civil War era.

A leisurely lunch for 30 was appropriate commemoration.  I'm holding a package with one of my favorite  gifts - a spray can of  BAD DAY AWAY.  Don't you wish you had some?


The party for all friends at the Refinery was organized by John's replacement - Colleen (in red sweater obviously enjoying John's farewell speech). John is wearing his Dilbert tie which is a treasured memento of his 30 year party a year ago. It makes him indestructible to bosses (but so does retirement status).


Jo-Ann is with her baby brother Peter at their home in Woodside.   

A great Easter egg hunt after Church with the Daly Family has become a cherished West coast tradition.  



It was a tragic end to a beautiful life.  Our daughter Catharine's roommate, Julie Day, was lost to us this summer when she was murdered on her way home one night.

We are so proud of Catharine and her friend's efforts to find Julie when she was first reported missing.  It was an emotional roller coaster for all of us and nothing anyone else should ever have to experience.


So hug your sons and daughters while you can.


Father's day is one where we all got together for an impromptu picnic on the back deck.   

This seems like the first time we were really able to really smile in a long time.


This the home renovation and work page.  In April, John ponders what to do next with his retirement after the bathrooms are redone.  New toilets as well as a new shower stall.

This is the traditional path for most retirees.  John also does the ironing, makes the beds and starts dinner. 

All this activity presents new exercise and less stress - both of which contribute to John leaving 40+ pounds in his previous work life.


After the bathrooms, it's on to a major renovation of the kitchen and family room.  This detail on the sink took about 3 weeks with prototype development  (this is the sink Cath bathed in as a baby)

Trips to the hardware store also offer a great place to interact with other retirees.  You always seem to leave something more to get tomorrow.

Throughout it all, we never were without a sink and the dishwasher was out for 3 days.  Strategic planning (and a tolerant wife).


Back to Work!! A 'welcome aboard' by new boss, Dave Moore.

After he realizes that the highlight of every Thursday was greeting the garbage pick up, John joins with AcuTech Consulting in downtown San Francisco on a part time basis (yes, the Transamerica pyramid is in the back).  

John is editor of the newsletter and contributes to the vast knowledge base of the company providing support on process safety issues.

Check out the announcement on the following link:

Acutech Consulting 


Matching lazy-boy recliners and more remote controls than audio-visual units - is this retirement or what!?   

PS: - you know this picture is staged -  The only remote control Jo-Ann has used in years is to call home to tell John to turn on the oven.


Wishing all who log on this site a most blessed Christmas and prosperous new year.

The Lees

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