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Here we all are again – safe and sound for still another year of the Internet Newsletter. 

This picture was taken while John's brother visits California from upstate New York for the first time in many years.  He had a great time on the Pleasant Hill 'farm' driving the tractor and experiencing what we believe to be his first (but not last) roller coaster ride in the Toyota on the way back to the airport.


The Lee Family was very blessed these past 16 years by having Mary Farley Ames Thompson Lee in our lives.  In December of 1999 she left this world.  With sadness at our loss - yet joy in the Resurrection , we joined with her family and friends for her Memorial Service in Virginia.


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Catharine takes a side trip during a business trip for Targét (yes you can shop on line) and visits her grandfather Lee in Florida where he is obviously happy to see her (and visa versa). 

An instructor at the Bently Village Computing Center took this picture and e-mailed it to John.


We didn't have any pictures for February (short month).  So we just decided to use the portrait we got for free from the church directory this year.  

John was trying some mustache dye and that's why he looks only 30 years old. Jo-Ann  - as usual - has ageless beauty.

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Michigan LaCross is still alive after 30+ years.  John used to be Treasurer of the Club back then.  An 'away game' used to be all the way to East Lansing or as far as Kent State in Ohio.  Cath joined him to see the 'Big Blue' play the University of California at Berkeley on a cold spring day.  The team though it was warm!  We had as many UofM alumni and friends in the stands as Cal.


Jo-Ann picks up work again after a short try at retirement. She didn't do well in that endeavor. Here she is 'mastering' the computer at Bravo Building Company in Pittsburg, Calif.  

She is a Production Coordinator which means she does just about anything except use a sledge hammer.  She has proven to be a miracle worker at getting building permits.

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Off to Florida and a long weekend to celebrate sister Avis Daly's graduation from Barry University with a master's degree in Education.  That was many years after her graduation from Michigan State.  It turned into a small family reunion and a GREAT time was had by all.

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In previous years, the house on Vessing Road had been the scene of many activities for Cath and her best friend Julie. Now it's time for Julie's baby shower!  

Somewhat later in the year, Catharine is holding Hanna.

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"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco", according to Mark Twain.  

Peter Lee agrees and often comes to the warmth of Pleasant Hill to wash his car and just thaw out.  We are always happy to have him visit (but wish he'd wash our cars too).


Catharine and Toni move to Brooklyn, New York and Target pays all expenses.  This is the only way to drive across the country!

Cath was insturmental in the successful opening of the new Walnut Creek store and Target was more than happy to take her up on her request for a NY area store.

But we sure miss having her close by!

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It's been over 15 years without a neighborhood get together, and John organizes a Vessing Road block party.  About 100 people of all sizes and ages attend.  For just $10, you get hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, beer wine and soda.  You bring a salad and your family.

A great time was had by all - everyone had something in common.  We lived on the same street!! We'll have to do it more regularly now.


Having spent too much time on his Safety consulting job, John pulls a 'Tool-Time Tim Allen' and rents a 25 Horsepower hydraulic stump remover.  After just 3 hours, fifteen year's worth of stumps are gone - all without breaking a sweat. 

Whatever the rental fee, it was too low for the fun involved.

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The passing of an era!  While the Daly children spend part of their Thanksgiving recess at Aunt Jo's house, the classic 1985 Toyota gets taken away as a donation to a worthy cause.  Peter Lee took his driving test in this car!  


Wishing all who log on this site a most blessed Christmas and prosperous new year.

The Lees

Be sure to write.

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