2002!! - The Lee's Last Year in Review

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We thank God that we safe and sound for still another year so we can bring you another edition of the Lee Internet Newsletter. 

We give thanks for all the blessings we have had this year - where the joys outweigh the sorrows.


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John's Father, Alfred Lee died in February of this year a short time after a stroke.  And so life was "on hold" during that time.  We miss him greatly and are figuring out our new relationship now that we can't just pick up the phone for a call.

We especially like this picture of him from 1989. 



Cath is home from New York and Zia joins Peter and Jo-Ann in celebrating their common birthday. The first picture is also from this day - which was a bit of joy we needed.

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John is especially pleased with the extra size basket he had for the famous Easter Egg hunt.  This was a special treasure which he found along side the creek during one of his walks.  The neighbors were mortified was he wheeled it home down the street. And perhaps Jo is trying to get away too?  It got recycled and brought peace to the household again.


Easter at "Aunt Jo's" house is always an exciting event.  The Daly children from Woodside joined us again and spend the night.  You can always have whatever you want for breakfast - even ice cream sundays!

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John spends the Spring repainting the Tankhouse.  It went a bit faster this time with the portable scaffolding.  But it was a bit too wobbly for comfort - thus the additional bracing.

Ten years from now when it needs it again - contactors!!


Jo-Ann organizes and gets ready for the Pleasant Hill 4th of July water melon eating contest.  Everyone who participated won!

The leftovers turned out to be a great fundraiser for the fireworks.  $1.00 a slice was a bargain on a warm day.

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Peter and Zia move in to a recently renovated row house in the Sunset District.  John and Jo help out with cleaning the old place and setting up the phone wires in the new place.

Be sure to tune in next year for the dinner invitation pictures.


After living for 15 years with a gravel carport, John places 944 paver blocks using computer aided graphics to ensure they all fit right.  

Jo-Ann practices up for the Hawaii vacation by placing the bedding sand between them.

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Off to Maui again to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. Jo-Ann's feet are ready for the sand at our favorite beach - which is unduly crowded today.

It was a pleasure to help the Hawaiian economy which has been so depressed the past year.


John organizes the annual Vessing Road block party. 150 attend this year. Again, several Vessing family members graced our gathering as did many old neighbors who have moved away - but not in spirit.

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A day on the piers of San Francisco is a great way to enjoy the annual Fleet Week.  Her we are on the fantail of the USS Howard, a sister ship to the USS Cole.  Security was very reassuring and we even felt good about paying taxes (only for a short time).


Jo  continues here full time work at Silverwing Development and reports each day: "I love going to work!"  We all should be so lucky.  John reports: "I love sleeping in."  And so, life is in harmony.


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THE END - Aloha

Wishing all who log on this site a most blessed Christmas and prosperous New Year.

The Lees  Be sure to write. johnrlee@attbi.com    jlee@silverwingdevelopment.com  

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