2008!! - The Lee's Year in Review

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WELCOME!!  This is an ongoing edition of the Lee Internet Newsletter for 2008 presented 'Blog Style' - newest first.

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DECEMBER - Chrisymas


Peter and Zia and the Pugs make the trek over hill and dale, river and woods to Pleasant Hill.  It's a lot better than going through Chicago this year!  Click on the link for more family photos.


NOVEMBER - Family Visitors


What a treat to have Jo-Ann's Mother and Sister to visiting from Florida.  We arrange a lunch one day at Peter and Zia's home and then Thanksgiving at Jo's brother's home in Woodside.


OCTOBER - Blue Angels

Many of you know of Jo-Ann's love of the Blue Angels Navy demonstration team.  Now it is a 'must' every year.  Here we have a beautiful day for a lunch cruise aboard the California Hornblower where Jo is one of the first passengers to spot them coming over the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were so close that our eardrums actually ached as they flew by!

SEPTEMBER - Block Party

It only tales a day to get ready for our block party.  New record turnout - 160 'good friends' this year!

SEPTEMBER - Maui Vacation

Seems unusual that one would need some vacation while in retirement, but that's the case.  Our volunteering in some cases was getting to be like a 'job'.  So some time off to recharge the batteries is always in order.  And the trickle charge we get here always lasts for a long time.  Well, long enough to get ready for the 9th annual Neighborhood party (see above).

AUGUST - Family Party

Peter and Zia join us as we meet at the Daly home to share some time with the nieces before they head off to college.  Seems  like only yesterday we got together for their Baptisms.  As usual, John always is prepared for a 'photo opportunity'.


JULY  - AmeriCorps Friends

What a privilege to be able to host an end-of-year picnic for our young friends from Habitat for Humanity.  This was the final 'Corona time' for most as they head off to new adventures after blessing our lives during their year of service to their country.   

JUNE - Graduation from Menlo

We take a day to drive over to the Peninsula to attend the graduation ceremonies for nieces Julia and Elizabeth Daly. We must say that it was one of the best!  Here is a photo as we depart the delightful lunch we had after the ceremonies.

MAY  - Three Amigos

John retired 9 years ago, and some trusty friends took his good example and retired as well.  Mike Bartlett and John carpooled for 25 years!  Now we can carpool to Habitat for Humanity. And Dave Rosenberg has a tool collection second only to John's - so he helps with millwork needs at HfH.

APRIL - Family Visit

What a treat to have all the Lee family together at once.  Catharine gets a deep discount from Philadelphia to Sacramento and comes to visit for a few days.  We meet for dinner in San Francisco with Peter and Zia and the pugs.

MARCH  - Daly Visit

A large portion of the Daly family stops by the homestead for lunch and a visit after a Varsity Lacrosse game at a nearby high school.  As our lives get busier each day with volunteering, the Dalys' are approaching the empty nest era.  Three girls in college next year!


John volunteers each Saturday for the second year with the VITA (click here) program.  As it turn out, he is the only male volunteer among a corps of 12 young ladies who are preparing taxes for low income wage earners. So volunteering has its benefits.  Here he is with a few of his coworkers at the tax center.

JANUARY - Hawaii

Jo got cold when she saw snow on our Mt. Diablo.  So John found that we could get to Maui for less than even Mexico.   And when we get to Maui, there is snow on Haliakila for the first time in years! But it is warm on the beach and we even seek out the protective shade.  Aloha!


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