Graduation from Menlo School

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We take a day to drive over to the Peninsula to attend the Graduation ceremonies for Nieces Julia and Elizabeth Daly.  We must say that it was one of the best!  Great relatives, but the commencement speaker was just inspirational enough, the student President just irreverent enough and the Professor just eclectic enough. 

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Where are they?

As only a mother can, Kate keeps her eye out for her children.

Pomp and Circumstance

Elizabeth walks in to the traditional tune.  Pat is blocking the view of Julia because J comes after E, even though she was born first.  Graduations are always alphabetical.

Proud Dad

The gowns stay on long enough for a few pictures .. but those dorky caps have to go.

Family Photo

The assemblage gets together for a photo on the lawn with the honored graduates.  Mary Munroe, Kate's Mom made it all the way from Washington DC.

Neat Girls

This is just a great photo of the graduates.  They always present their best side.

Lunch at John Bentley's

After a pleasant reception, John and Mary enjoy a bloody Mary before lunch.  The school didn't provide any.  We recollect that drink is one to celebrate most daytime occasions. And this sure was one.


Jo is always so happy to be with the nieces.  We get one final shot before departing back to Pleasant Hill, our hearts gladdened at being a part of a special day.


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