A Family Christmas - Traditions set in stone

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Merry Christmas!


We start of the Christmas season with a wonderful lunch with Exxon / Valero friends at one of the Retiree lunches.  Despite the downturn, all are in excellent sprits!

Tradition Continues - Tree Trimming

Out of the blue this year Jo suggests getting a pre-decorated, artificial Christmas tree. Seems it is too hard to get the lights on a fresh tree.  So we get a fresh cut tree anyway and John makes a lazy Susan for the base so Jo-Ann can decorate at leisure.  Twist and Shout!


A recent Tradition continues with some families in the neighborhood getting together for a pot luck supper and caroling through the streets.  A bit of rain did not dampen the spirits!

Caroling Continued

Barbara and Elsa enjoy being 'Caroled'  and reward the children with a goodie package.  Thank goodness it was not figgy pudding

Merry Christmas!


Peter and Zia are a bit late arriving in Pleasant Hill and are hungry! So we have a bit of breakfast before opening gifts.  Here Zia makes mimosas.


And below we have a collection of memorable moments. Click on any picture for a larger size. Use 'back' to return.

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