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For the past several years John and Jo have been involved with Habitat for Humanity. This a picture highlight WEB of our work on  anew subdivision of 9 homes in Bay Point in East Contra Costa County.


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Dedication Payday - June 2012

Bennie and his wife accept the ceremonial key to their home and are most grateful for the contributions in time, talent and love by their community.  This is payday for all volunteers!  Click on Movie Icon for UTube Video.

The AMEN Row

A group of this years AmeriCorps take a spot in the back of the dedication tent.  They had not heard that this was called the 'Amen Row'.  And sure enough, one of the dedication speakers called for an 'AMEN' and they knew how to respond!

And his trusty Sidekick

Mary started out as assistant but eventually specialized in a leadership role in many areas of construction.  One included keeping the inspector happy.  Most are born naturally unreasonable.  And it is tough to be unreasonable to someone with that smile!

A good friend and compatriot

John congratulates Steve Eales who is the site superintendent on the most excellent job.  Ahead of schedule and way under budget.  No one hurt beyond a Band-Aid and "poor baby".  He can really be proud of this accomplishment for Habitat.

Keys to the City

Somewhat emulating the biblical story of the cornerstone which was rejected, John takes the scrap trim wood which is a bit too short to be used and mills them down for ceremonial keys.  Here the varnish dries on the back clothes line.

Time out for food

In November 2012, the new AmeriCorps and Construction staff fix a Thanksgiving meal for all the Volunteers.  It is a moving celebration of the appreciation they have for our volunteer efforts.  Here they introduce themselves and what they brought to the party.

Corona Day - October 2011

PG&E is delayed in getting the electricity to the site, so we decide to celebrate the last official volunteer work day on October 6 with the traditional Corona beer at day's end.  We toast to all volunteers who helped.  Steve and Mary can really proud of their first big 'job'.

Electrical is done

Master volunteer and electrical craftsman, Mike Heller puts the final touches for the finish electrical on home number 2 in August.  Just one small short on a lighting fixture.  GREAT JOB!

Happy Trails to you July 2011

A change in shift as we bid farewell at a last workday party for all affiliate AmeriCorps.  Some will stay on for another year of 'indentured servitude', and all will stay in our hearts as an inspiration for dedicated community service.

Go Blue!

All year Eoanna has belittled John's Michigan sweatshirt, so he surprises her with on more to her liking based on her schooling.  The hug made it all worth while.

Almost done as painting is underway. (John does not paint)

Thursday Regulars

We have a pretty consistent group of regular volunteers each Thursday.  Here Mary McCall watches over us with smiles because she know all she has to do is ask and it will be done.

Rough Electrical Crew

We have a 'electrical Saturday' in July for doing all the rough electrical work.  Most of the crew is from the All Women's Crew which meet socially as well as at the jobsite.  We just about complete one home but need to come back the following week to complete the other.  GREAT JOB!

Time out for Build-a-thon   April

John meets up with his old (well not that old) friend Aron at the annual Build-a-thon in Oakland. We built 9 homes out in Oakley back in 2004 which is chronicled at this Habitat Web page.

Lots of Volunteers - April 2011

March shows real progress as framing is done and we start the siding.  Here a large group of college students spend their spring break helping build homes.  How wonderful!

Electrical Planning

John, Bobbie and Mike pose for a shot as they plan out the electrical work for two homes.  This is the first time in while that we have done this specialized work with volunteers.  Mike and John have a lot of experience which they plan to pass on to the young Jedi Knight.

Lunch time  January 2011

Just a good 'status shot' on a dry day in January.  John is famous for making sure that the crew knows that it is time for lunch.

Time out for a feast Nov 2010

The wonderful AmeriCorps staff put on a Thanksgiving dinner for all the volunteers.  It has become a wonderful tradition which is very much enjoyed by all.

Setting foundations

John poses with two of the women's crew volunteers in September who are here to learn how to set the foundations to the correct elevation.  We do it once and then recheck twice.  Plus or minus 1/8 of an inch.  Any problems here multiply later on.


Pretty good crowd for the official groundbreaking ceremony. Had to bring in some loose dirt for the occasion.

First Corona Day   July 2010

John decides that the first day on the job is still yet another excuse to have a 'Corona time' at the end of the day.  We have just finished up some fencing work with the three Amigos from the Refinery in Benicia.  Now we meet at Dave's each day after 'work' for Corona.

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