Graduation from Cedar Crest!

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WOW!!  Catharine is graduated from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA on May 13.  We travel, along with Peter and Sam and Lillian, to join in the festivities.  Join us in reviewing the pictures and film.

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What a nice family photo!  We are missing Zia who was not able to attend.

Some of the pertinent film of the various ceremonies are captured on this YouTube Video.  Click to watch.

We stay at one of the old homes in Bethlehem, PA which is now a bead and breakfast. 

Our first activity is the Baccalaureate where Cath and a few of her classmates in Social Work gather before the ceremonies start.

The setting for the Friday activity is the gymnasium, which is a rather intimate venue.

We take time before the dinner for a photo opportunity. The chords are for honors.

After dinner we move to the awards ceremony in the Alumna Theater.  Donna, Kyrstol's Mom and her friend Larry join us.

This is a big deal receiving the special award for Social Work. Hard work pays off.

The girls got to camp out in the attic area.  They really adapted well to the time and location change.

It's hard to wait for the graduation to start.

Because of a nasty storm, the ceremony is moved into an arena in downtown Allentown.

Thank Goodness for the Jumbotron! Click on Movie for more.

Samantha and Lil enjoy the various sashes and chords from the graduation ceremony.

A big picnic with family and friends was planned, but rain moved it inside.  We all found a place to eat and share in Catharine's joy and being a college graduate!


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