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We are all so excited to have been a part of son Peter and Zia's Wedding in Manzanillo, Mexico.   It was a time of joy at the beginning of new entity in the Lee family.

Enjoy some of our celebration in the pictures on this Web page.


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A lot of the San Francisco based family and friends were on the same plane on Saturday.



One of the first orders of business was a swim in the pool.  Peter finds the passage to inside the living room and is refreshed by enacting a rebirth to the outside.  This was to prove to be an important ritual each morning after a hard night of partying.

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What was to prove to be the smallest meal at Villa Manzanillo was the very first evening on Saturday when everyone who had arrived the first day could gather around the table. 


Such lovely spot, this is the view from the front deck, enhanced of course by the bride and groom-to-be.  We are at a large Villa on the side of a steep hill where we have the Wedding and the reception (for which it seemed specifically designed to do).

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A few of the men go off on a fishing expedition in what is the sailfish capital of the world.  The catch was small and turned in to the world's best Servechi  by a skilled first mate.  The sea was smooth, we saw lots of sea life, no one got seasick and the company was especially good.

Surf's Up 

Zia and best man Nathan Meyers head to the beach to get wet.  Peter has run ahead to scout out the action. Surfing was merely a diversion on this trip .. but wait until the honeymoon trip to the Maldives! [No web page for that]

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Uncle Thomas and Peter 

John's brother Thomas comes to Mexico from Albany New York and his visits with nephew where in addition to some advice (not sure whom to who from this picture), they share some of Peter's surfing adventures and videos.

The Night Before 

John and Jo were taking a few moments before the rehearsal dinner to enjoy the sunset and ambiance at La Toscana.  Tensions seemed to melt away with the excellent French food, wonderful scenery and the mellow sounds of a Mexican Elvis(?). 

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The Mothers of the Bride and Groom start out the day by a pampering at the hands of skilled pedicurists. Already beautiful hands and feet feel even better and just put you in the right frame of mind for a wedding. 

Almost Ready 

  The Daly family enjoys a moment of anticipation as the wedding festivities are about to get under way.  This is not some meaningless gesture, but a sign of respect for Mother Daly's favorite picture pose.

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The ceremony itself is conducted by the local Judge.  We understand the universality of the commitment in our culture as the admonitions and vows are the same we are all used to.  It was a lovely service.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Lee

A spectacular introduction by Zia's Father and an entrance from the grand stairway offers our opportunity to meet the new couple for the first time with their new marital status.

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Another Wedding?

Daughter Catharine is the recipient of  the traditional Bridal Bouquet toss off the balcony.  Who knows what the future holds?

A Wonderful Honeymoon

A spectacular sunset in the Maldives is the dawn of the next day in San Francisco.  A bit out of sequence, but the new Lee's travel 1/2 way around the world to experience a "best wave ever".

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The Lee's 

And so the John and Peter Lee's wish all viewers the very best from our homes to yours.


The Lees  Be sure to write. pleefb@comcast.net or jlee@johnrlee.com

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