A Visit to San Francisco

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Peter and Zia make the plunge and buy a home in San Francisco right on the ocean.  We arrange a look see visit just after they move in.




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Row Houses

This is one of a lot of homes built on the sand dunes right after World War 2.  All have been given a bit of their own character by now.  There is no similarity to the houses next door except the basic size.


Big Yard

There is a big back yard with a palm tree that was probably planted when the original owners moved in 50 years ago.


And the yard has been nicely terraced with stones from all the good surfing spots in California, provided by the prior owner

Ferocious Dog!

Ronin, the pug puppy is very happy to have a good place to roam and attacks a plant to show his dominance


Maybe not so ferocious

All good pugs are softies and Ronin proves no exception


Ocean View

  There are two city streets in front - so plentyu of parking.  Across the dune is Ocean Beach.





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