A Visit to Albany, New York

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Cath moves this summer from Utica to Albany New York.  We make a visit in November to celebrate her birthday and check out the new home.  John's brother Thomas and Jason visit as well.



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In the Woods

Bother Thomas took this snap just after Cath had purchased the home.  Lots of leaves to pick up in the "Fall".



  What a surprise to see a parade of costumed children come through the neighborhood with fire engines and even Captain Hook (the next door neighbor in real life).

Cozy Kitchen

  Thomas and Jo-Ann help fix dinner in the very comfortable kitchen.

An Old Friend

  We get away for a bit to visit Laura Lee Linder, and old friend from college days.  Thank goodness no one has changed a bit.

Birthday Girl

  An angel food cake frosted with Cool Whip is one of those long standing traditions.  Just a few more candles.

Birthday Dinner

  And dinner is wonderful in the full dining room.  Jo is out of sight and Jason sure is enjoying himself.


Cath may think this is her home, but the cats believe otherwise - especially in regard to the stairway.  Proceed with caution!

All Ends Well

Jo stokes the fire while Jason and Cath enjoy the warmth of the home and the fire.





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