Seventh Birthday for Samantha and Lillian!

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WELCOME!!  Lillian and Sam's Birthday Party! Seven years at the Lee house in (warm) Pleasant Hill. Our home was blessed by so many young children at the official Birthday party.  Join us in reviewing the pictures.

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What a great family portrait!  Missing Krystol, but Peanut is a new addition.

The girls come to visit a few days before the Party to pick out new bikes. Now they can bike the trails with Mom and Dad.

Wow! Big water slide this year. John fills it with water to be ready for the onslaught.

Lillian and friend Avery check out the bouncy house which turns out to be a somewhat quiet place to play!

Grandpa Keith gets into a 'monster water war' with everyone. He finally dried out before leaving.

The waterslide gets hard use and only 2 guests sliding completely out onto the soft, muddy grass. No harm.

Click pic for movie!

Zip line is much improved this year. Off the chimney to across the pond.  But never more than 4 feet off the ground.

It goes even faster if Daddy gives you a push.

Just about time for cake.  Star wars theme this year mixed with horsy plates.

Always a lot of helpers for the cake ceremony.

A once a year wish.

Sugar high after cake necessitates a conga line around the party.

Tractor rides - a long standing tradition.

The zipline also functions as a Piņata rope holder.

Next door neighbor, Skyler, gets an early introduction to fun birthday parties.

As the sun fades, just one more trip down the (now dry) slide with Mommy.

Wait - there's more! Hunting (trap and release) frogs in the pond. Long day.

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