2007 - We're off to Disneyworld!

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EPCOT Tops the List

Even Jo-Ann really liked EPCOT.  This little WEB page just highlights some of the really great experiences we had in our visit to Central Florida in mid January


Space Center

  What is a trip to this part of the country without a stop at the Kennedy Space Center?  A brisk, but sunny day greets our fist day.  Lunch with an astronaut was interesting, but better yet was the couple at our table who gave us lots of tips and hints about the upcoming Disneyworld portion of our trip.


 We take a few days between touring to visit with Jo-Ann's Mother and Sister.  A birthday during our visit with them was an added bonus for us.  It was great joy to prepare dinner along with her favorite cake with just the right number of candles.


  After Mass on Sunday we go to a very nice restaurant for a little late breakfast.  Here, Jo-Ann and sister Avis catch up on a year's worth of shopping stories, and plan some expeditions for that afternoon.

Best Ride Ever

  The California Soaring ride at EPCOT was so great that we had to go twice.  The second time for Jo to keep her eyes open the entire time and for John to figure out how it works.  They really should have an engineer's tour of the park as a special option.

My Hero

  Since John first used his friend Goofy to help explain Inspection Operations to the employees at the Exxon plant, this comic hero has been held in high esteem.  Imagine the joy of seeing him twice for photo opportunities.  Only thing, the characters by employment contract can say nothing.

And great weather 

Our day at EPCOT was wonderfully warm.  Low 80's.  Meanwhile, back in California we had new lows - in the 20's. 

And not a drop of rain during our 8 days (except in the shows).

Grand Lodge

  This was our hotel which is based on the grand Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone Wyoming.  John took time to go on the tour which was hosted by the Project Manager for the construction.  He was so happy to have a civil engineer ask all those questions about the log beams and columns!

Cocktail Hour on the Balcony

  Just off our room on the 4th floor was a nice little alcove overlooking the lobby.  We also had an alcove overlooking the pool and lake, but we loved seeing the young ones come back to the lodge totally exhausted.

A Visit to Mexico

  Worldshowcase in EPCOT had lots of entertainment - the best of which was this mariachi band in the Mexico pavilion.  Food was great there too.

A Clean Park

  We thought this shot epitomized the attention to cleanliness that the Disney facilities are note for.  Here, the cleanup supervisor zips from spot to spot as litter appears.  He has all the keys and even snags a stray napkin while on the 'run' on his Segway.

There will be a Pine forest!

  During a short wait for one of the ubiquitous Disney transport buses, we see one of the very rarely seen landscape crews carefully putting down pine needles in a small stand of trees that needed a little help.  We thought this epitomized Disney's attention to detail.

Grand Finale

  No picture or film can ever do justice to a Disney fireworks display.  You just have to be there. 

But this is a fitting conclusion to our WEB page on our great vacation.

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