A Trip to Nova Scotia

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We take a few days to fly to Nova Scotia.  The trek from San Francisco is almost prohibitively long.


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An New Old Home

This Photomerge shows the home on the hill over the 'store' which Casilda has purchased back in the family as a summer home. Remodeling is almost complete!

Distant Cousin

Nick, a first cousin one removed (in the Boyd family cousin tracking can be a career) is visiting and loves to play fetch with Sammy.  Usually it's Nick that does the fetching.


Family Dinner

  The remodeled home has a nice formal dining room and we have dinner with 3 of Casilda's siblings who live in the neighborhood.  Clockwise form the left: Peggy, Peter, Deidra, Casilda Blaise, Jo-Ann and Avis.


Jo-Ann enjoys the morning fog (there was bit of that) while sweeping off the front porch.  The 'river' in the background is a well protected inlet. The area was settled in the early 1700's by the French.


World Class Beach

Nearby is Point Michaud Beach which proudly proclaims the title listed above on a billboard as you come into town.  We enjoy it, despite the cold fog.


See it to Believe it

On the way home from the beach we stop in the Lobster Pound.  They have a tank of lobster oddities including this bright royal blue one. Not in the picture is the 3 clawed lobster which they caught off the nuclear power plant.

Friends for Dinner

We invite a few of the blue lobster's cousins home for dinner.  Very good!!

Family Picture

No trip would be complete without a timed group portrait. By timed, I mean we give sister Avis time to get her sunglasses on.

Stairs to Our Beach

  Casilda inspects the progress of some good stairs being built down to the gravel beach along the River.  Now she can walk along the shore to Peggy's home as she did as a young girl.  This day the weather as WONDERFUL.

Fond Farewell

  As the day ends, we get a wonderful picture of the house which is now a home once again.  In the background we can see the River outlet to the Bay and the lighthouse which marked the entrance for fishermen of yore.

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