Michigan - A Trip Down Memory Lane

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The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Saturday found most of the new North Campus closed, but we 'talk' our way in and find the new Civil Engineering Wing.  Here Jo enjoys some advanced dynamics information on seismic response of fiber reinforced structures!


An Old Job Workplace - Nichols Arcade - Ann Arbor

Believe it or not, Jo worked in this very office which has not changed one bit in 38 years!  Same wooden desk by the window.  Maybe computers now - paper tickets then.  This really restores faith that we really haven't aged at all.

Yet Another Old Workplace

John worked on this 23 story building (the tallest in Ann Arbor) while it was under construction in 1967.  It's right outside Jo's old office and looks better today than it did 38 years ago.  A solid concrete building ... it may last as long as Stonehenge .

Joanne and Jo-Ann

One of the primary purposes of our visit was to visit with Aunt Jo. 

Favorite Michigan Sister-in-law

Yet another purpose of our visit was to spend some quality time with Carol Dove and family.  The hospitality was most gracious and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Guacamole and Champaign!

Jo and Carol enjoy a pause while fixing one of several great meals.  Carol does enjoy a glass of the bubbly now and then.

Niece Caroline Dove

A niece we don't see too often is with us and we are inspired by her choice of attending the University of Michigan Engineering School this Fall!



Still More That Does Not Change!

Can you believe that Jo-Ann's grade school in Hudson Michigan is still in use?  Jo fondly remembers the first Sunday in May and some queenly (not communist) activities around a May pole.

Old House - New Friends

  We just 'stop by' Jo-Ann's old home outside of Hudson and are warmly invited in for a tour and and update. Still the same is the paneling in the living room.

Niece Annie Dove

Another niece we don't see too often is with us and we are inspired by her choice of going to Colorado to embark on and adventure in life. 



Special Chicken Preparation

  Carol impales a roasting chicken on a super-sized can of beer.  The grimace must be in sympathy.

But They Came Out Beautifully!

  Aunt Jo and Jo-Ann admire the finished product.  We now have a new recipe!

Another Favorite Aunt

"Aunt" Helen, a caring neighbor from childhood days in Hudson Michigan, now lives in Toledo.  We make a triangular return to Ann Arbor so that we may visit with her.

Photo Opportunity

Here we are after a wonderful chicken dinner with Aunt Jo and her daughter, Mary Grace with Husband Rick Miller.

So we will smile as we remember back to a wonderful trip with family and childhood memories.

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