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Big Move!!

But where are the movers?  Cath ponders this from the front porch having her morning coffee after getting 3 hours of sleep before driving up from Brooklyn.

How can anyone get lost in Yorkville?

Rebuilt Home

Cath purchases here first home - a 1924 mill worker residence which has been completely gutted and redone.  Only structural components were left intact.  The previous owner is a high school principal who did the work himself as a sideline job.

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It's Mine (and the Banks)

Of course, one of the great traditions in obtaining a home is taking down the for sale sign.

It's all here

Here is the end of a tiring day getting all inside the new home.  Appliances and phone delivered as well.

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Projects Start

John takes on the "Honey do" list with changing out a cabinet over the stove to a smaller one, running electrical to the inside and hanging the new space maker microwave.  Thank goodness Cath has a coworker with a lot of tools for borrowing.

And It Works!

Great excitement trying it out on a bag of popcorn.  So you don't get worried, the unit tells you what it is up to.  Cath reports that the microwave she was using dates back to when she was 18 and got here first apartment.  Let's hope this lasts as long.

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End of a hard day

We enjoy the fruits of our labor by sitting on the delightful front porch.

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And we enjoy the view!

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Sam Comes to The Rescue

Not much grass in Brooklyn and it's growing to beat the band here.  John spots Sam, who cuts grass part time, and presses him into service.  A woman of substance should not have to mow such a lovely back yard, so Sam is put under a weekly contract.  Sam hit Utah Beach on D-Day and has many tales of Utica in its prime.

New Island

The kitchen really is voluminous, so a center island like that in Pleasant Hill is conjured up.  Back and top are on order.

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Steep Stairs

Much steeper than code allows, the stairs to the second floor offer quite a workout!

Closet Space

One of the many tasks was to add shelving and hanging bars to the walk in closet in the master bedroom.  We thing the wife of the principal came up with that one.


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Dad Return to California

With the house numbers up and the mailbox hung, John quotes from the TV show: "Tonto, our work here is done." and goes off into the sunset.  Cath provides a bit of 'just in case money'.

Call or write:

47 Myers Ave.  Yorkville, NY  13495-1737

(315) 768-8284


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