Places We Have Lived


939 N. LaSalle Chicago, IL

1944-??-John There is no recollection at all of this place – but it is listed on a birth certificate.  Of course, the city of your birth lasts forever.


John’s Father was assigned to the Chicago area flying DC-3’s for United from Midway Airport to Denver and back.  He was radioed the news of the birth while flying over Omaha.


This location now serves as the Diocese administrative office for the Greek Orthodox Church.



1945- 1958 (off and on) Jo-Ann’s place of birth is listed as Jackson, Michigan.  Jack Daly was in the Army Air Corps, learning to fly B-29’s so Mary Ann lived with her parents in the ‘town home’.  This was Jo-Ann’s second home for many years and she learned of the death of her mother in 1950 while staying here. 


Amazingly, sister Carol and George Dove purchased this home about 1985 not knowing the previous ownership by her Grandfather Avis!  They lived there until 2015.


1006 W. Washington, Jackson, MI


West Main Street, Hudson, MI

1945–1950  Jo-Ann lived for many years in this large home in Hudson, just south of Jackson.  It was known as the Cogswell house.  Mary Ann’s father owned the building and they lived there while Jack Daly started his career and the local machine works.  The building was lost to time and the bank on Main Street now stands in its place.  Photo thanks to cousin Jim who has a great history of the Avis family.


Clark Lake, MI

1945 – 1958 Here is a winter picture of the summer home in Clark lake Michigan where Jo-Ann spent many summers with her grandparents. This was on her Grandfather Avis’s farm where he had apple orchards and bred world famous palomino horses. It eventually became the primary home for her Grandmother Avis who lived there until her death.


1947-1948 John’s next recollection of living was along the Jersey shore in Elberon, NJ.  Sister Margaret at age of 2, locked herself in the bathroom and Father Lee had to get a ladder, climb onto the roof and climb through the window to undo the latch she had pressed.  Amazing what sticks in your memory from that age.  John also remembers with delight taking a wagon full of ashes from the coal fired boiler to the Ocean and dumping them in.  Had to watch the wind direction.


Someplace in Elberon, NJ


Someplace in Westfield NJ

1948-1949 While John cannot remember the exact street we live on in Westfield New Jersey, he does remember going to nursery school having a great time with my best friend from next door who is so much older at the ripe old age of age 6.  His name was Roger Wanamaker.  My parents remain friends with the Wanamaker's during their time both in Cape Cod in Florida.


1949-1950 – and 1958, 1959  John remembers this Lake Ontario lake front home from many visits.  His Grandfather Rees moved here for retirement about 1935.  John lived here for his Kindergarten year while his parents were in Europe participating in the ‘second Exodus’ when Israel became a nation.  


Summers of his freshman and sophomore year in high school where also spend here and he worked with migrant workers in the fields picking cherries.  Most Christmases were spent here as it was his Mother’s family home.  John’s grandfather finally sold the home and moved to Rochester in about 1968.  See this Zillow link for more.

Lakeview Road, Sodus, NY


Elm Road Hudson Michigan

1952-1958 – Jo-Ann lived in Baltimore for a few years with Aunt Jo and Uncle Dick.  Jack just could not care for three young children.  When he married Casilda, they moved here, just outside of Hudson.  Sister Alexia and brother Peter Daly were born here.  This is a picture from our 2005 visit to Michigan.  The current owners

warmly invited us in for a tour.  Still there was the old knotty pine paneling in the living room.


101 Union Ave, Saratoga Springs NY.

1950-1952 – John moved to upstate New York when his father transition from his career as a pilot to that of a traveling salesman selling men's accessories (Hickok belts and wallets) to small retail haberdashers.  We lived in the bottom floor of this old Victorian on the residential main street. He was able to walk to school and his mother was able to walk to work at Skidmore. It was here that he met his best friend for life, Dick Fahey.  Not much else for memories except overflowing bathtub and loving school. 


1953 John live for one year at this old pre-Victorian farmhouse. It was out in the country and offered many opportunities for boyhood adventures.  This included finding a decomposed skunk skeleton which Dick and John were convinced was a baby tyrannosaurs.  He did have to take the school bus and that was fraught with a lot of strife from bullying in the third grade.  We had to move out for the summer so that the home could be rented to the Race Track elite for one month at a very high rental rates. We rented a home at Lake Cassayuna for just two months. 


Eddy Corner, Saratoga Springs, NY


137 State Street, Saratoga Springs

1954-1958  Still another old home in Saratoga which became our residents for the formidable years of a boy. This home was closer to town but on the edge of a large wooded area that eventually became Skidmore College.  Many forts were constructed of bushes, snow and earth during this period.  John had several friends who banded together to form the Amphibian Reptile Association.  They purchased motorcycle caps with ARA embroidered across the top.  When stopping by here in 2010, John found his boyhood friend, Peter Saxton still lived down the street.


1958- 1960  Still another home in Saratoga not too far from our original one. This was built as a duplex and appears to be so even today.  It was here that John's father became a priest and then commuted to Albany for a series of temporary job as a curate and assistant at the Diocese.  John spent the summers in Sodus New York (see above) and vividly remembers his first romantic date in 8th grade with a girl who lived up the street.  He also had a paper route which was right nearby and included the National Thoroughbred Hall of Fame

172 Spring Street Saratoga


233 So Main Ave.  Albany NY

1960 – 1966 Except for of our home in California, this may be called ‘home’ in John’s memories.  This was the Rectory of Trinity Episcopal Church which was the Lee home up until the early 1980’s.  John had a small room over the porch because he did not stay here very much.  The only time he ever lived her was in 1964 while attending Hudson Valley Community College.  Summers were spent in Sodus, a stint as a camp counselor, a winter in Turin, NY working at a ski resort, summers later in college days with weekends at Lake George.  They all added to the “places I lived” which are not shown.  The picture is from a visit we made to the area in 2010.


1958 – 1962 - John spent four VERY LONG years at this exclusively male secondary school in Massachusetts.  They did their best to stifle John’s emerging engineering talents with a Liberal Arts education.  He had to demand taking physics but even then he was put in the ‘dumb guys’ class where he still got an A+.  Up side was that there was probably less of the typical High School trauma and drama than usual.

Deerfield Academy - Massachusetts


Academy of the Sacred Heart Clifton, Ohio

1960 – 1963 – Jo-Ann spent three VERY LONG years at this secondary school run by the ‘Madams’ of the Sacred Heart nuns.  She managed to get in every kind of trouble imaginable, but they would not expel her.


Summers were spent in homes outside of Cleveland and Lexington – neither of which is memorable except for continually being grounded but easy to sneaking out.


1963 – 1964 John purchased his first ‘car’ which was in fact a used 1956 Metro delivery van.  So far ahead of his times, he converted it into a RV with a window, 120volt AC power and fold down couch / bed.  He actually lived here while it was parked in the back yard of the house in Albany.  He commuted to Union College in Schenectady for 3 months and was always set to go for weekends at Skidmore College in Saratoga.  Alas, it gave up the ghost and was last seen at a pig farm near the Thruway exit where the owner used it to ‘escape’ the trials of married life.

1956 International Harvester Metro Van


1965 – 1966 – John lived here with 3 other roommates.  He had gone to Michigan with no place to live except short term with his Step-Grandmother, Bea.  This place was a dump then and appears to not have improved.  Who would put a dumpster right at the front door?  Turns out this was a ½ block away from St. Thomas where John and Jo would be married in 2 years.  John studied rather than partied as this was his 'last chance' at college.

East Kingsley St. Ann Arbor


905 Berkshire Rd  Ann Arbor

1964 – 1967 – Jo-Ann’s family moved to Ann Arbor but Jo never really had a room here.  She was away at school or spending summers at the Clark Lake home.  But during our first year of marriage, we met here many times to share holidays with Family.  Turns out this home is about a block away from where John’s father grew up.


1966-1967 – Jo-Ann restarted her education at Michigan after a few failed attempts at other schools.  She was assigned one of the women’s dorms which is still seeing hard use.  Her roommate, Suzie, was dating John’s roommate from the previous year and they thought we might be a good match.  So we went on a blind date in February and were married in September.  Turns out Suzie and Steve were married the following year and have remained together as well.

Couzens Hall Ann Arbor


726 State St Ann Arbor

1966 – 1967 – John 'moved up to the East Side' for his second year at Michigan.  He and 4 other engineers had a large, two bedroom unit at ‘The Forum’ which was right across from the Law School.  It was here that Jo-Ann went on her first date with John at a party hosted by the gang.  John proposed to Jo-Ann on June 9,1967.  He stayed the summer prior to the wedding with a great job in construction building the tallest building in Ann Arbor. 


1067-1968 – Our first home as a married couple.  On the edge of town near ‘Ypsi’, the ‘Village Green’ was offering discounted rents for immediate move in at $135 a month.  John was finishing his Senior year and Jo-Ann worked as a travel agent for Boersma Travel near the campus. 


We had a great circle of Civil Engineering friends who also got married over the proceeding Summer.  Friday was always hot dog pot luck at Mike and Patti’s house while watching season 2 of Start Trek.

4979 Washtenaw Ave  Ann Arbor


26 Grand Avenue  Atlantic Highlands NJ

1968-1969 – Off to work for Humble oil in New Jersey. The job kept John out of Viet Nam.  But the price to pay was a long commute from ‘the shore’ so that Jo-Ann could live in such a terrible place as metropolitan New Jersey.  We had the upstairs apartment of this circa 1920’s summer house with a nicely wooded back yard. 


Here Jo-Ann worked for about a year as the Plant Administrator at a sailboat factory.  We had a choice: a) a large employee discount on a new sailboat or b) start a family.


1969 – About a year after moving to NJ, we purchased this Victorian home from our landlady from 26 Grand, Mrs. Goldsworthy.  At the ripe old age of 80, she was moving to Punta Arenas Chile to live with her son.  It was a private sale with no $ down and our cost of $150 a month.  We had 3 tenants on the upper floors who deferred the mortgage and taxes costs.  John also managed the home she still owned at 26 Grand. 


For a while, John’s sister, Margaret, moved in after a particularly difficult divorce.  This was Catharine’s home of birth and just 2 months thereafter. 

6 Third Avenue Atlantic Highlands  NJ



1970 - ?? Home Sweet Home.  This was the only home we saw when we traveled to California to check out the job offer in November.  It had sold, but the deal fell through when we arrived.  Jo-Ann stayed in Michigan until John found a place to live.  This was available, so Jo-Ann said she wanted it and we could eat spaghetti until we retired.  House payments went up 20% - to $180 a month!  We did live in an unmemorable furnished apartment on Monument Boulevard for 3 months until the house closed.  


See history of Vessing homes for more details over the years.